6 Tips to Increase CRM Adoption within your Sales Team

As the adage goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but we’re here to tell you that you can increase CRM adoption within your sales team. If your sales team is like most they are probably wondering, “we’ve always done well without CRM, why start now?” and many of them probably just see using CRM as extra busy work that will take them away from selling and really only benefit management. While you know this is simply not true, how do you convince them? We’re here to tell you that while teaching an old dog new tricks may be tough, it’s not impossible!
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5 critical factors of CRM adoption

Every CRM provider is guilty, yes even us, as touting their CRM offerings as “easy to use”. But what does that mean? The leading CRM solutions on the market today all have aesthetically pleasing UI’s, icons, and are pretty easy to navigate…some of them stop there and that is why CRM adoption can be tough. so when you are shopping for your CRM solution, look beyond the pretty UI and think about how your team will interact with the sytem. User adoption can be measured by percentage of employees who continually use the system and how extensively they are using it. Ideally you want a high percentage of employees using the system and you want them to be using it for everything, very extensively right? Continue reading