Three Reasons to Integrate ERP and CRM

Enterprise Resource Planning allows for your business to practically go on auto-pilot. All processes are streamlined, helping to save money and reduce wasted time. Your customers go hand-in-hand with the rest of the business, so streamlining that process as well is worth the consideration.
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Boosting Customer Service with ERP

Customer service drives every industry, without happy customers there is no revenue growth. Although ERP is known for making every day internal business management better, we often forget about the assistance it provides for customer management. The benefits ERP provides from sales orders to shipping trickle down, affecting customer service as a whole.
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Pinpoint Sales Forecasting with CRM for Manufacturing

Sales forecasting is important for all organizations, but it is especially critical for manufacturing companies. Not only does a sales forecast give your sales team a goal and a sense of direction, it gives the rest of your company a basis for planning, scheduling, ordering, purchasing, and other activities vital for a successful manufacturing operation. The proble is that many companies do not have a system in place to give sales reps and managers the information and tools they need for more accurate forecasts.The good news? CRM for manufacturing can change that. Here’s how.

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6 Tips to Increase CRM Adoption within your Sales Team

As the adage goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but we’re here to tell you that you can increase CRM adoption within your sales team. If your sales team is like most they are probably wondering, “we’ve always done well without CRM, why start now?” and many of them probably just see using CRM as extra busy work that will take them away from selling and really only benefit management. While you know this is simply not true, how do you convince them? We’re here to tell you that while teaching an old dog new tricks may be tough, it’s not impossible!
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Opening the Door to B2B CRM Software Success

In a recent survey conducted by Aberdeen, 40% of respondents reported that their sales reps are spending over 20% of their time looking for information and intelligence on customers and 7% reported their sales reps are spending more than half of their time on such activities; time that would be better spent on value-added sales tasks. This report makes it clear that something is amiss, aren’t CRM systems supposed to make information gathering fast and easy and allow sales people more time to work on selling? Yes, but more often than not, these inefficiencies are not caused by the system itself. Learn how you can ensure your B2B CRM system is delivering on its productivity promises by following these best practices. Continue reading

8 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to CRM for Sales Management

Excel is a great tool, but it can’t do everything- No matter how many different excel equations you know! Managing sales leads is critical to the profitability of your company. If you don’t manage those leads properly, they won’t convert and you will have wasted significant time, money, and resources marketing and bringing in those leads, only to lose them due to unsophisticated software.  Here are 8 reasons it’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and implement CRM for sales management. Continue reading

4 Ways to Calculate CRM Software ROI

CRM software ROIHow do you know if your CRM software is providing you with the benefits you hoped it would? Specifically how do you know if you are seeing the ROI you hoped for? For other investments ROI is more obvious, CRM makes things a bit more difficult but it’s not impossible to do. Seeing your CRM software ROI requires looking at more than just the numbers, you have to look at the non-financial aspects too. Below are four considerations to get you started: Continue reading

CRM for Distribution Companies- Those Who Don’t Already Have it are Ready to Buy

“What are my peers doing?”  When a company wants to ensure they’re keeping up with the competition, this is always A questions they should ask themselves. If other companies in your industry are finding success with a certain software or strategy, it’s likely that you can too. The popularity of CRM for distribution companies is rising; according to a recent industry study, more than half of distribution companies are already using CRM and those who do not current use it have begun to line themselves up to join the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

Forrester Reports Most Common Causes of CRM Implementation Failure

According to Forrester research, we have entered “the age of the customer.” What this means is that in order to remain competitive, companies need to focus on customer experiences and satisfaction more intensely than ever before. According to Forrester, there are two things that companies need to work on in order to enhance customer relationships:

  • Developing a deep knowledge of the customer and their businesses
  • Consistent and meaningful engagement with the customer

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was designed to help companies do exactly that; but the selection and CRM implementation process is what will make or break your overall strategy. Forrester recently surveyed more than 500 professionals who have been directly involved with a CRM project in the last 36 months. The survey uncovers their most common frustrations and failures so you can learn from them and apply it to your future CRM project (s). The major findings are summarized below: Continue reading

Sage Reseller and Development Partner Announces Addition of Sage CRM to Growing CRM Practice

Chardon, Ohio, May 30, 2014-Today e2b teknologies, a Sage reseller and Gold Development Partner, is excited to announce the addition of Sage CRM to the company’s CRM portfolio. With this addition to the practice,e2b teknologies now offers an integrated CRM solution for current and future Sage ERP customers, and has added a new option for customers working with other ERP systems, to help them develop stronger customer relationships, drive productivity, and accelerate sales. Continue reading

Recent Study Reports Growth of CRM for Distributors and Distribution Companies

Can CRM add value and enhance the way distributors do business? In short, yes.

To shed a little more light on the subject though, in 2013 the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence did a study of CRM and its use in Distribution companies. The findings of the study concluded that CRM for distributors and distribution companies  has proven itself in the industry and is widely believed to increase the profitability of companies who correctly apply it. Additionally,  automation features are quickly making CRM a standard software for distributors, and many companies who do not currently use CRM are either shopping for it or in the process of implementation. Continue reading

SugarCRM YouTube Videos

SugarCRM YouTubeYouTube Playlist for SugarCRM

Sugar is one of the leading CRM systems today. It’s used by business professionals across a variety of industries for sales, marketing, support, and many other job roles. Because of its large functional reach, the number of topics surrounding Sugar is endless. Since it’s so hard to keep up with all the integrations, comparisons, feature updates, and changes to Sugar we’ve compiled a YouTube playlist with all of our recent SugarCRM videos, webinars, and demos.

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3 Ways CRM for Manufacturing Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Customer Satisfaction

Price cutting alone does not result in competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing industry, at least not in the long term. Because manufacturers tend to have longer relationships with their customers, their satisfaction and the value of those relationships are becoming increasingly important when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competitors. You need to not only offer quality products at a competitive price; you need to connect with customers and provide them with a valuable relationship and positive experiences. CRM for manufacturing can play a large role in making that happen. Continue reading

SugarCRM CEO Wraps Up 2013 and Looks to the Year Ahead

According to Gartner, CRM is expected to reach $36 billion by 2017, making it one of the fastest growing segments in business software. One of the companies leading the charge is SugarCRM, a relatively young company that is quickly making its way to the front of the pack due to innovation and a focus on user experience. In a recent interview, Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM, reflected on 2013 and shared his thoughts on what the coming year will bring for Sugar and the industry as a whole. Continue reading

SugarCRM: Dashboards and Activity Streams in Sugar 7

In version 7 of SugarCRM, there have been a number of significant changes to the dashboard and activity streams. Both dashboards and activity steams are now available on all levels of the system including the home-page, module level, and record level. New dashlet tools also exist at each level, some of which will show data differently depending on the level you are viewing it in. Read on for more information on how you can take full advantage of the newest version of SugarCRM . Continue reading