Important CRM Metrics for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

CRM MetricsWith the right CRM system you will have access to more information about your customers and your business than you ever imagined possible, but which information matters most? The answer to that question depends on your specific CRM strategy and goals but there are some common CRM metrics that small and medium sized businesses find very helpful to make sure all departments are hitting their goals while contributing to the overall success of the organization:

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Opening the Door to B2B CRM Software Success

In a recent survey conducted by Aberdeen, 40% of respondents reported that their sales reps are spending over 20% of their time looking for information and intelligence on customers and 7% reported their sales reps are spending more than half of their time on such activities; time that would be better spent on value-added sales tasks. This report makes it clear that something is amiss, aren’t CRM systems supposed to make information gathering fast and easy and allow sales people more time to work on selling? Yes, but more often than not, these inefficiencies are not caused by the system itself. Learn how you can ensure your B2B CRM system is delivering on its productivity promises by following these best practices. Continue reading

CRM for Distribution Companies- Those Who Don’t Already Have it are Ready to Buy

“What are my peers doing?”  When a company wants to ensure they’re keeping up with the competition, this is always A questions they should ask themselves. If other companies in your industry are finding success with a certain software or strategy, it’s likely that you can too. The popularity of CRM for distribution companies is rising; according to a recent industry study, more than half of distribution companies are already using CRM and those who do not current use it have begun to line themselves up to join the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

All I want for Christmas Is Cloud CRM: Report Forecasts Growth for Cloud CRM

As are only days away from Thanksgiving it becomes easier to think about Christmas (although it is not time to break out the chrismas music and lights yet!), and CRM buyers have spoken up about what is on their list according to a report from Software Advice. This report also backs up Gartner’s report stating that Cloud Computing and Modern CRM System Investments will Drive Growth of IT Budgets in 2013 & 2014.

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CEO of SugarCRM Comments on The Future of CRM

In a recent interview with Forbes, SugarCRM’s CEO Larry Augustin discussed his vision that CRM needs to be more than a place to store contacts and sales information for managers. With the advent of the internet and social media things in the business world are changing. A a progressive company recognizes this and makes changes to adapt to new modes of communication. CRM is no different. SugarCRM has adapted to changes in our today’ s market and produced software to help companies do the same. Continue reading

CRM Selection: The Reality of Choosing the Wrong CRM System

CRM selectionThere are a number of resources out there talking about the importance of careful CRM selection. In fact, we have a number of articles that do the same. It is imporant information to have, but we realize many articles fail to tell you why you will regret choosing the wrong system. What will you see happening in your company after choosing the wrong CRM system? It is hard to grasp the importance of doing something right if you do not know what will happen if you do it wrong. So here is a short list of some of the most prevalent issues we see in companies who choose the wrong CRM system. Continue reading

CRM for Manufacturing Fosters Sales Excellence

CRM for ManufacturingBy giving your sales team a system to track and manage all of their interactions with prospects and customers, CRM for manufacturing can give your sales team all the tools and information they need in one place so they can quickly and effectively communicate with your potential clients.CRM for manufacturing can drive sales excellence in a number of ways including Improved demand forecasting, KPI creation, success monitoring, and the ability to quickly and proactively react to changes in business conditions.Here are five ways CRM for manufacturing can drive sales excellence in your company:

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