Enterprise Document Management Software Implementation Steps (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog min-series we touched on the critical steps that come in the beginning of a successful document management software  implementation. The first 8 steps walked us through defining requirements, software selection, managing change, and other important considerations. If you missed the first half, you can read it here. In this section we will discuss the second half of the suggested implementation steps through go-live and beyond to ensure your organization recognizes the benefits and the expected ROI of your documents management software implementation project.

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Enterprise Document Management Software Implementation Steps (Part 1)

Document Management SoftwareWe have previously discussed the benefits of integrating ERP and enterprise document management software (ECM), how to build a business case for document management software, and the current market for document management software. Today we venture beyond evaluation and selection and jump into what you can expect when it comes time to actually implement the solution and tie everything together.

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The Basics of Enterprise Document Management Software

Enterprise Document Management Software (also known as Enterprise Content Management Software- ECM) is a document and file management system that provides a repository of electronic documents with a mechanism for securing the documents with audit trails. Enterprise Document Management Software integrates with other systems including fax, email, office productivity software, and other business applications to capture inbound and outbound documents received or created and sent from the various business systems. Document management software includes workflow to approve documents or to distribute information to employees. It also manages revisions and provides advanced search options for quickly finding information stored in the  system across disparate business systems.

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Upcoming Webinar: Paperless Enterprise 2.0-The Case for Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management SoftwareDid you know that most businesses have horrible inefficiencies in document management? Maybe, but did you know that those inefficiencies that are silently costing most businesses about $1,250 per employee every year? Further, your employees are wasting about 150 hours annually (per employee) for time spent searching for and managing paper documents! Stop the madness, join us for a webinar.

Paperless Enterprise 2.0: Business Case for ERP-Integrated Enterprise Content Management Software

Miss the live webinar? watch the recording here!


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