ERP Budget & Cost Considerations: Moving from QuickBooks to ERP (Part 3 of 8 part series)

By James Mallory

Add-On Options (Part 3 

So what does a growing company do? They use QuickBooks or their entry level ERP for way too long. They buy add-ons and implement disconnected systems to handle the things QuickBooks or their entry-level ERP system doesn’t do and they use Microsoft Excel and common business tools to do the rest. Basically, they make do with what they have with marginal improvements until they get to the point that they can justify the investment in a true ERP system. Continue reading

The Future of CRM Software

 #6 of a 6 part seriesThe Future of CRM

The CRM market looked very different just 10 or 15 years ago. The leading providers included Pivotal, Onyx, Seibel, and Sullivan’s fledgling SalesLogix product. For the midmarket, you really had two options – ACT! or Goldmine. And that was about it. CRM has changed more than perhaps any other business application in the past 10 to 15 years. Consider that was founded in 1999 and really didn’t gain traction in the market until the early 2000s. Microsoft didn’t introduce Microsoft CRM until 2003, a year before SugarCRM was founded. These are arguably three of the top CRM options for businesses today. Continue reading

Contatta CRM- a new era in Contact Management

Article #4 of a 6 part series

Contatta CRM- a new era in Contact Management

Any article discussing ACT! and SalesLogix would be dismissed without a mention of their founder, Pat Sullivan. A new website is available at promising a brand new CRM solution from the CRM legend. As of February 18, 2013 the site only has a single page featuring a scene from what appears to be a Mediterranean village with a short description: Continue reading

A Strategic Move- Swiftpage Purchases SalesLogix & ACT!

Article #2 of a 6 part series

After selling ACT! to Symantec, Pat Sullivan started working on a next-generation product – SalesLogix. The product was initially introduced in 1997. Sullivan’s strong following led to rapid development and huge success. SalesLogix went public just two years later and was acquired for $263 million (including ACT!) just four years later. At the time, SalesLogix had amassed thousands of loyal users and avid reselling partners. It featured a clean design similar in many respects to ACT! but had a lot more functionality that allowed it to compete against much larger systems such as Seibel (now part of Oracle), Pivotal (Aptean, formerly CDC Software), Onyx (Aptean, formerly Consona), and other popular systems of the day. Continue reading

Webinar: Inbox 25 Email Marketing Automation Embedded in Your CRM System!?

inbox25 and sugarcrm

Watch The Recorded Webinar Here

inBOX25 is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows you to plan, target, create, and deliver email campaigns quickly and easily. inBox25 integrates with SugarCRM to make all of your email marketing efforts flow together. Installing the inBox25 module into your SugarCRM system gives you full email, social,  drip marketing and more all in one place! Continue reading

Webinar:Tracking Component Inventory Lot/Serial Raw Materials to Lot/Serial Tracked Finished Good in Sage 500 ERP

Watch The Recording HereSage 500 ERP Anytime 500

Tracking raw material lots or serial numbers to finished goods  is a huge advantage to companies in many different industries, especially in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics where companies will often issue multiple lot/serial track items to production where they produce multiple quantities of lot of serial tracked finished goods. Yeah, that’s a mouthful…the question is, if something goes wrong with a raw material, will you be able to recall the finished good lot?

Continue reading

Wiseco Piston Boosts Performance with Sage 500 ERP

wiseco pistons

Going Faster definitely depends on superior pistons. Clyde Wiseman couldn’t find reliable pistons for his race boats, so he experimented with making them himself. Six decades later, his company, Wiseco Piston, Inc., is now a world leader in high-performance aftermarket pistons, supplying NASCAR, AMA Racing, NHRA Drag Racing, motorcycle, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and even vintage aircraft racers around the globe. Continue reading

Webinar: SugarCRM for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

sugarCRM for PRMe2b teknologies has leveraged the native flexibility of SugarCRM to create a PRM system with minimal customization. Our SugarCRM system can now be used to manage our channel partners, joint sales opportunities, communications, and recruitment. Our goal is to build out addition PRM functionality and help other companies like ours gain an affordable alternative to expensive PRM solutions through SugarCRM. Watch this recorded webinar from January 2, 2013 to learn: Continue reading

What’s new in Sage 500 ERP 2013?

Whats new in Sage 500 ERP 2013The newest release of Sage 500 ERP is now available!

The latest version of Sage 500 ERP is available for download. Get your copy of Sage 500 ERP 2013 by logging onto the Customer Portal, and visiting the “Sage 500 ERP 2013 Download Page” and be sure to touch base with your reseller to ensure that you are reaping all the benefits of Sage 500 ERP 2013. So…What’s new? Continue reading