Our Top 5 Most Popular ERP Blogs of 2015

ERP blogs2016 has arrived but before we get too far into the New Year, let’s take a moment and look back on some of our most popular content from 2015. We’ve published hundreds of blogs over the past year about ERP best practices, specific ERP systems, third-party add-ons, HR software, business intelligence, ERP implemenation, and much more, so we don’t blame you if you didn’t read them all. To help you catch up, we’ve compiled our most visited ERP blogs of the past year so you can begin 2016 with our most popular tips, tricks, tools, and best practices to grow your business. Continue reading

Choosing Early Adopters for a Phased ERP Implementation

ERP implementationERP systems are powerful systems with seemingly endless functionality, and sometimes that’s too much to handle during an ERP implementation.  Not every ERP user in every company needs the utilize every inch of an ERP system right away, sometimes its best so start with the minimum requirements, get comfortable, and gradually move on from there to avoid completely upsetting your processes and workflow. Whether you are implementing your first ERP system or switching to a new one, if you feel that a full blown, “big-bang” implementation might be a bit too overwhelming for your current situation and your employees, a phased ERP implementation can be hugely beneficial and help make the transition a little easier. Continue reading