Study Proves Manufacturers Must Utilize ERP to Enhance Customer Experience

A recent IDC Manufacturing report sponsored by Epicor ERP reveals the importance of a customer oriented strategy for manufacturing success & how manufacturers have yet to understand and embrace this. The study surveyed over 460 companies in different sectors including industrial machinery and equipment, high-tech, and metal fabrication in 13 different countries around the globe.

If the findings are any indication of current attitudes in manufacturing companies about customer oriented strategies, there is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to change their thinking and improve business with customer experience at the forefront of their strategy. The report is entitled, “Get Customers Inspired: How Modern ERP Can Support Greater Customer Experience.” Key findings of this report are highlighted below: Continue reading

Oilfield Service Company Moves from QuickBooks to Epicor 9 ERP

Epicor 9 ERPChardon, Ohio, March 14, 2014- Today, e2b enterprise, a division of e2bteknologies announced a new customer in the Oilfield Service Industry has chosen Epicor 9 ERP to replace the company’s QuickBooks accounting system.

After recognizing that they had outgrown QuickBooks, the company began evaluating options for a new ERP system with the strength and flexibility to support their various processes and operations. The company evaluated Epicor 9 ERP and a competing solution, making the end decision to use Epicor as it proved to be a better fit for their project and fulfilled many of the company’s demanding functionality requirements. Continue reading

ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers

ERP for Rubber and Plastic ManufacturersThe rubber and plastics industry is one with particularly volatile raw materials costs, short product life cycles, highly price sensitive customers, and thin margins. Because of the nature of the industry, rubber and plastics manufacturers are under a significant amount of pressure to find techniques to cut back on operational costs, reduce waste and inventory levels, quickly respond to rapid changes in product development, and other challenges. ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers can support simple to complex build plans and provide the agility these organizations require and the deep insight and control necessary for precise manufacturing and overall customer satisfaction. Continue reading

A Guide to Epicor ERP Features for Manufacturers

Competition in the manufacturing industry increases by the day. To keep up, you need to give your employees powerful tools so they can better serve your customers and successfully reach out and connect with prospects. By having a comprehensive ERP solution at the center of your business, you will empower your employees to do just that. Our new whitepaper will walk you through the 13 major functional areas of Epicor ERP and briefly explain how these features will change the way you do business, add value for your customers, help you gain control over your operations, and enable your employees to achieve their goals. Continue reading

Epicor 9 for Manufacturing Can Increase Manufacturing Capacity

epicor 9 for manufacturingThere are a handful of things you can do to quickly increase productivity and find manufacturing capacity you didn’t even know you had! Traditionally, in order to increase capacity, companies make large capital investments and/or outsource some of their work. But maybe you don’t want to make the large investment or take part in outsourcing for fear that maybe this trend of increasing demand will dwindle- what do you do then?

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Epicor ERP Implementation: What you Need to Know Before Implementing Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP ImplementationEpicor 9 ERP is not like most other ERP software. It’s big, and it can handle a plethora of processes and responsibilities. That’s why your Epicor ERP implementation can be tricky and needs to be done right. Before embarking on an implementation of Epicor ERP, or any ERP system, you must first have a complete understanding of what will take place during the implementation and what prep-work needs to be accomplished. Continue reading

Why you need to upgrade your ERP System: #1 Homegrown ERP leaves you vulnerable

ERP systemAs we discussed in the opening of this blog series, your homegrown ERP leaves
you open to a number of risks and challenges and it will benefit you in the long run to upgrade your ERP system. For example, what if your IT directory leaves the company or the programmer who made the application retires? Technology moves quickly and your homegrown system could have been made in a program or code that is no longer learned today- so you may have a hard time filling these positions with younger professionals. By using technology that only a small number of people know and understand you are limiting innovation and possibly stunting your own growth; you may never be able to take advantage of thought leaders or consultants with your homegrown ERP system or develop capabilities at the rate of your competitors and the rest of your industry. Continue reading

Epicor Software Publisher of Epicor 9 ERP Earns Three Awards at the 2013 Network Products Guide Awards Program

epicor 9 erp Epicor Software, a leading provider of business software solutions such as Epicor 9 ERP, was named a winner in three categories of the Network Products Guide 8th Annual IT Industry’s Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. Network Products Guide is an industry leading technology research and advisory publication that keeps decision makers and end-users informed of the choices they can make in all areas of information technology including the best products and services, roadmaps, industry directions, advancements, independent product evaluations, and more. Being granted one award from such a prestigious publication is an achievement, but three is just plain impressive. Continue reading

Global Mining Equipment Manufacturer Getman Corporation Selects e2b enterprise and Epicor 9 ERP

 Chardon, Ohio, March, 25, 2012 – Today, e2b enterprise (, a division of e2b teknologies announced that a global mining equipment company recently selected e2b enterprise and Epicor 9 ERP to replace the company’s ERP business application.  The Corporation operates on six different continents as a global supplier and equipment manufacturer for the mining industry and offers customer specific solutions along with explosive chargers, utility vehicles, coal equipment, and other products for the underground mining industry.

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