What to Look for In an ERP Development Partner

In a perfect world, the ERP you purchased would do everything you need it to do. but the reality is that there is no single ERP system out there that can give a company everything they want and need right out of the box. You’ve made a large investment in your ERP system and it makes sense that you want to get the most out of that investment. With the right ERP development partner, your ERP system can reach into each and every nook in cranny across your organization and become everything you need it to be; the secret is choosing the right partner.

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ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers

ERP for Rubber and Plastic ManufacturersThe rubber and plastics industry is one with particularly volatile raw materials costs, short product life cycles, highly price sensitive customers, and thin margins. Because of the nature of the industry, rubber and plastics manufacturers are under a significant amount of pressure to find techniques to cut back on operational costs, reduce waste and inventory levels, quickly respond to rapid changes in product development, and other challenges. ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers can support simple to complex build plans and provide the agility these organizations require and the deep insight and control necessary for precise manufacturing and overall customer satisfaction. Continue reading

Top Challenges of Automotive Suppliers and How ERP Addresses Them

With demand growing and competitive prices becoming increasingly important, Automotive supply chains are under more pressure than ever to operate smoothly and efficiently.  Suppliers must become more flexible, and implement systems that are powerful and responsive enough to handle the competitive nature of the automotive industry. ERP for automotive suppliers grants companies of all sizes the control and flexibility required to meet the above demands and remain competitive in today’s competitive marketplace. Continue reading

New Research From Epicor & IDC Highlights High-Tech Manufacturers, Modern ERP, and Customer Experience

In a recent press release, Epicor software, publishers of Epicor 9 and other business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, announced a new white paper entitled, “Get Customers Inspired – A Call to Action for High-Tech Manufacturers,” a white paper published by IDC Manufacturing Insights and sponsored by Epicor. The white paper explains the barriers that are keeping high-tech manufacturing companies from using modern ERP solutions to their full capacity to optimize operations as well as become a driver of customer experience. Continue reading

Selecting The Right ERP for Job Shops

ERP for job shopsLife is tough for job shops. The goal of every manufacturing company is to reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve profits, but the complex nature of job shops and custom manufacturing leaves these companies with a unique set of problems for which they require a unique and powerful solution.  ERP for job shops is the number one way for these companies to meet their requirements and provide quality, custom work for their clients…assuming they select the right solution. Continue reading

Epicor ERP Has a New President and CEO: What you need to know

epicor ERPYesterday, October 7, 2013, Epicor Software Corporation, publishers of Epicor 9 ERP and other business solutions, announced that the company has a new president and CEO. The new president and CEO, Joseph Cowan, has a significant amount of executive experience and the technology industry and is fully prepared to fill the shoes of Pervez Qureshi who will be stepping down and leaving his position of director of the Epicor board of directors to explore a new path.

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ERP for ETO Manufacturing: Features to Look For

Filling customer orders as they come through and never sitting on extra supply is stressful; what if you don’t get your supplies on time, what if your order it incorrect? There are so many things that could go wrong. That is exactly why you need to have confidence in your business systems and utilize ERP for ETO manufacturing. You have a lot on your plate and everything is complex; honestly I am not jealous of you in the least- I couldn’t handle that kind of pressure!

Manufacturing, material planning, engineering changes, cost allocation, lead times, etc. everything is complex in an ETO manufacturing company; not to mention the critical relationships you need to manage with suppliers. Standard ERP software just isn’t going to cut it. And you probably know that.

What you may not know is what to look for in ERP for ETO that will give you the flexibility and functionality that you require.

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ERP for Automotive Supply Chains

Automotive supply chains are under more pressure than ever to operate smoothly and efficiently with demand growing and competitive prices becoming increasingly important. Suppliers must become more flexible, and implement systems that are powerful and responsive enough to handle the competitive nature of the automotive industry. One way to ensure your supply chain is operating successfully is by having the right tool for the job, ERP for automotive supply chains can be a game changer; having the right one is key. Continue reading

Epicor Software Corporation, Publishers of Epicor 9, Appoints New Executive VP & General Manager for ERP America’s

In late July, Epicor Software Corporation, publisher of Epicor 9 and other solutions, announced the appointment of Donna Troy as the company’s executive vice president and GM for ERP Americas.  The new VP will be responsible for Epicor’s ERP, wholesale distribution, and HCM business in the America’s.

Troy’s previous experience includes go-to-market strategy and execution at leading companies including Dell, SAP, McAfee, and IBM; she brings over 35 years of experience with her to this new position.  Troy is noted for strengths in customer and partner relationships and will use this skill to expand on the company’s growth goals for Latin America. Continue reading

Epicor for Lean Manufacturing

Epicor Lean ManufacturingEpicor for lean manufacturing serves the manufacturing industry with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution focused on lean principles. Lean manufacturing is an adaptation of the Toyota Production System, where efficiency and productivity are combined in an effort to eliminate waste and maximize output. The lean manufacturing model is a customer centric philosophy that focuses on identifying which activities add value to the end result, and which elements of the manufacturing process the customer would be willing to pay for. Lean manufacturing principles are not something that businesses can adopt overnight. Instead, it’s a process of continuous improvement as each value stream is defined, analyzed, and modified over time. Continue reading

ERP for Food & Beverage

ERP For Distributors In The Food And Beverage Industry

ERP for Food and BeverageQuality, traceability, rapid fulfillment and regulatory compliance are crucial pillars of a solid food and beverage ERP system. Epicor ERP has been a proven solution for the food and beverage industry since 1990. From short-cycle fresh produce to bulk food supplies, Epicor has helped businesses to not only supply direct sales customers but also the catering trade and major retailers as well. Continue reading