Is Now The Right Time to Move to Epicor ERP 10?

Epicor ERP 10

With the end of the year quickly approaching and plans for the New Year beginning to form, many companies are wondering if now is the time to start planning an ERP project. You’ve seen the product information, watched the customer testimonials, reviewed the technical requirements, and have decided that Epicor is a viable ERP system for your organization (here is access to all of that information if you’re still researching). But when is the right time to begin your move to Epicor ERP 10? Timing is everything when it comes to an ERP project and the answer is not always obvious. Before you make your decision, here are the most important internal and external factors to consider.
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Yet Another Reason for Epicor 10 ERP Selection- TEC Certified for Multiple Manufacturing Styles

Epicor 10 ERP SelectionThere are many reasons company’s select Epicor ERP version 10 to optimize operations and increase performance, and earlier this week an announcement was made that makes Epicor 10 ERP selection an even more obvious choice, especially for manufacturers. On Monday of this week, Epicor Software announced that the latest version of the-next generation Epicor ERP solution has been recognized and certified for its ability to manage many manufacturing styles by the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC). Here is what you need to know about this announcement:
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Epicor ERP for the Fabricated Metal Industry: Solving the Top 6 Challenges

There are many, many different kinds of ERP systems out there and for those of you shopping for an ERP solution, this means to things; there is a system out there that can help you address your specific pain points, but you must be careful that you are choosing the right one! Learn how Epicor ERP for the fabricated metal industry addresses some of the largest challenges for these companies including innovation, global competition, compliance, operational visibility, market unpredictability, and the constant struggle to identify and increase efficiencies.
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