Epicor Expands Cloud Based ERP Solutions to Middle East

Epicor Software currently serves the ERP market across many countries, from the U.S to the U.K., Latin America, and more. These services range from your typical on-premise ERP solutions to cloud-based ERP systems. Now, Epicor has found that it is time to expand their reach for cloud-based solutions into the Middle East and Egypt.
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Study Reveals Business Leaders Worry About Managing Growth

Companies are constantly touting their growth percentages and any new ventures, such as expanding to new facilities. From this, we would assume company growth is an exciting time for companies. A new study released by Epicor Software Corporation, a leading vendor of ERP software, shows that growth for companies is actually creating the opposite emotions for business leaders. A majority of respondents to their survey actually said that growth is a time of worry, stress and pain.
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Solving Industry Specific Challenges with Oil and Gas ERP

There is no shortage of challenges for companies who operate in the oil and gas industry; compliance requirements, fluctuating demand and prices, industry specific accounting updates and issues, massive operating costs, project complexity, and increasing demand of alternative energy resources are just a few of the many obstacles standing in the way of profitability and growth. Luckily industry specific oil and gas ERP is available to help businesses overcome these (and other) challenges while also keeping up with intense competition and sudden changes to support ongoing business and operational success.
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Benefits of Migrating to A Modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP System

The average lifespan of an ERP system is generally accepted to fall somewhere between 7-10 years- How long had you had your ERP system? In a recent article we shared some compelling statistics from Aberdeen as to why mid-sized manufacturers should upgrade to a modern ERP system, such as:

While these statistics are indeed compelling and come from a renowned research group, nothing says it better than real-life stories. Learn why Howe Corporation, a leading mid-sized manufacturer of refrigeration and ice machine equipment chose to update their system to a modern Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP system and the benefits they recognized after implementing Epicor ERP.
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Oilfield Service Company Moves from QuickBooks to Epicor 9 ERP

Epicor 9 ERPChardon, Ohio, March 14, 2014- Today, e2b enterprise, a division of e2bteknologies announced a new customer in the Oilfield Service Industry has chosen Epicor 9 ERP to replace the company’s QuickBooks accounting system.

After recognizing that they had outgrown QuickBooks, the company began evaluating options for a new ERP system with the strength and flexibility to support their various processes and operations. The company evaluated Epicor 9 ERP and a competing solution, making the end decision to use Epicor as it proved to be a better fit for their project and fulfilled many of the company’s demanding functionality requirements. Continue reading

Epicor ERP Has a New President and CEO: What you need to know

epicor ERPYesterday, October 7, 2013, Epicor Software Corporation, publishers of Epicor 9 ERP and other business solutions, announced that the company has a new president and CEO. The new president and CEO, Joseph Cowan, has a significant amount of executive experience and the technology industry and is fully prepared to fill the shoes of Pervez Qureshi who will be stepping down and leaving his position of director of the Epicor board of directors to explore a new path.

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Epicor ERP Earns Two Accolades at the 2013 American Business Awards(SM)

Epicor ERPThe American Business Award, a part of the Stevie Awards series, recognizes outstanding organizations and performance in the workplace and all over the world. Epicor Software was recognized in the 2013 awards and placed in two different award categories. Trophies were presented to the winners of the awards during a banquet on Monday, September 16 at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. Continue reading

Epicor ERP solutions for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service Companies Named A ‘Visionary’ in Gartner Report.

Epicor Software Corporation, publishers of Epicor 9 ERP and other ERP solutions for Manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, recently announced that the company has been highlighted in the Gartner report, “The Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Single-Instance ERP Product-Centric Midmarket Companies.”

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Mobile Access to ERP Data has Become Essential

Mobile Access to ERP Data Mobile Access to ERP Data has become an increasingly hot topic as of late, in fact, According to a report from Aberdeen Group entitled, “Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps: Powering Organizational Transformation,” enterprise mobile apps in 2013 are no longer ‘nice  to have’—they’ve become essential enablers of organizational transformation, by increasing operational efficiency, accelerating time-to-decision, deepening customer engagement, and streamlining workflow processes.”

Today’s workforce has either grown up with, or has grown accustomed to having instant access and interaction with their data at any given time. These users are now expecting Mobile Access to ERP Data. But how do you know if it is right for your company? how do you know which device to use for your Mobile ERP?

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Microsoft Recognizes Epicor ERP Publisher as 2013 Sales Achiever.

epicor erpEpicor Software Corporation, publishers of Epicor 9 and other epicor erp products, recently announced it has won the 2013 Microsoft Sales Achievement for Services-Support.  Epicor was chosen due to the company’s dedication to technological innovation, businesses transformation, and company growth. The company was chosen from a pool of top Microsoft partners around the world and was announced as the winner at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Continue reading

ERP for Automotive Supply Chains

Automotive supply chains are under more pressure than ever to operate smoothly and efficiently with demand growing and competitive prices becoming increasingly important. Suppliers must become more flexible, and implement systems that are powerful and responsive enough to handle the competitive nature of the automotive industry. One way to ensure your supply chain is operating successfully is by having the right tool for the job, ERP for automotive supply chains can be a game changer; having the right one is key. Continue reading

Thorough Testing Does Not Exist in Your Homegrown ERP System

If you have been reading this blog series, you have probably figured out how we feel about homegrown ERP solutions; they are just not giving you the benefits a best in class solution would!  one of those benefits is proper ERP system testing. The companies who have created best in class solutions have spent who knows how many hours and a ton of money testing their software to ensure it is free of bugs and does what it is supposed to do before release. You cannot say  the same for your homegrown system. Continue reading

Your Custom ERP Solution Lacks Key Integration with B2B eCommerce Storefront Platforms… and That’s a Huge Problem.

Custom erp solutions are known for a severe lack of integration capabilities. Your company relies on so many important systems and if your custom ERP doesn’t play well with them you are setting yourself up for errors and quite a few headaches; especially if you use an eCommerce storefront. Continue reading

Epicor Software Corporation, Publishers of Epicor 9, Appoints New Executive VP & General Manager for ERP America’s

In late July, Epicor Software Corporation, publisher of Epicor 9 and other solutions, announced the appointment of Donna Troy as the company’s executive vice president and GM for ERP Americas.  The new VP will be responsible for Epicor’s ERP, wholesale distribution, and HCM business in the America’s.

Troy’s previous experience includes go-to-market strategy and execution at leading companies including Dell, SAP, McAfee, and IBM; she brings over 35 years of experience with her to this new position.  Troy is noted for strengths in customer and partner relationships and will use this skill to expand on the company’s growth goals for Latin America. Continue reading