7 ERP Demonstration Best Practices to Ensure Proper System Selection

So, you’ve chosen a handful of ERP solutions to evaluate, you’ve contacted vendors, and now it’s time for the big software demo. This is an important step and there are a number of ways you can derail your demo; potentially leading you to choose the wrong system. Here are 7 ERP demonstration best practices to help you make sure you use your demo time most effectively and with the best outcome. Continue reading

Choosing Early Adopters for a Phased ERP Implementation

ERP implementationERP systems are powerful systems with seemingly endless functionality, and sometimes that’s too much to handle during an ERP implementation.  Not every ERP user in every company needs the utilize every inch of an ERP system right away, sometimes its best so start with the minimum requirements, get comfortable, and gradually move on from there to avoid completely upsetting your processes and workflow. Whether you are implementing your first ERP system or switching to a new one, if you feel that a full blown, “big-bang” implementation might be a bit too overwhelming for your current situation and your employees, a phased ERP implementation can be hugely beneficial and help make the transition a little easier. Continue reading

ERP Selection: Avoiding The Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Project

ERP selection and the subsequent implementation of that sysem can be one of the most expensive and time consuming projects that a company will have to face when it comes to IT. If you choose wisely and have a good implementation team, ERP can be among the most beneficial projects you will ever complete. But if done poorly and without the proper preperation, you will have done nothing more than waste time, money, and energy. Continue reading

5 Tips for Choosing the Right ERP Consultant

Have you suffered through ERP projects with consultants that did not understand your company? What about a consultant who did not work well with you and your team? A consultant that took too long? Went over budget? Just plain failed at making your ERP project successful and as easy as possible? You’re not alone!

Choosing the right ERP consultant is paramount to having a successful project that stays within your budget, within your time-frame, and doesn’t make your ERP implementation team rip out all of their hair…but how do you choose the right one?

Continue reading

Change Your Thinking & Increase ERP Adoption Rates

ERP adoption ratesAs you may know, ERP adoption rates are among the largest problems with ERP systems and why many would say their ERP implementation was a failure. One of the most important parts of ERP implementation that has direct impact on ERP adoption rates comes after the shopping, after the selection, and after the set up of the system. Educating your employees is the next step and it is integral to success.

Inadequately educating users is always a risk as you will find your employees refusing to use the system, using it incorrectly, you may see a large drop in productivity, you won’t a significant ROI, and it can make you feel like you may have made the wrong decision in your system. Proper education can turn all of those things around. But what does proper education mean? Continue reading

ERP Best Practices for Manufacturing Companies

ERP Best Practices for Manufacturing Companies: Watch A Webcast

erp best pratices

92% of manufacturers have implemented ERP. Still, recent data finds that a successful ERP implementation goes well beyond just putting it into place. ERP, and the organization itself, should be constantly moving forward. Successful manufacturers tailor ERP in reaction to business change and needs including adding new functionality or mobile access. Continue reading