What’s a Business Process Review and Why Should You Get One?

When preparing to add on a new ERP system, one of the very basic places to start is by conducting a business process review. The only way you can be sure that you are selecting an ERP system that will help your business to grow and minimize daily tasks is by checking your business over from top to bottom. Once you are aware of where all your business’ shortcomings are, you will be able to select ERP that focuses on and fixes those issues.
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What to Look For in The Perfect ERP Consultant

ERP implementations are no easy task, which is why there are ERP consultants out there that are prepared to help you through the process. There are few companies that possess the skills, expertise, budget and time to implement ERP all on their own. Luckily, there are thousands of ERP consultants across the country to choose from, which can also make things more difficult. How do you choose the right ERP consultant? Below we’ve listed 5 of the most important traits to look for in an ERP consultant.

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Is Your System Ready For an ERP Upgrade?

If you rely on your ERP system to get orders out the door, invoice for the orders and keep your customers satisfied, do you know what you would do if that system went down? Most likely, you would struggle to ship product, would be unable to invoice customers and some of those customers would start looking elsewhere for the products they need. This would all have serious effect on cash flow. An ERP system that has been working great for years, only to give out one day can boil down to a lack of an ERP upgrade.
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The Case for Using A Cloud ERP Consultant

Cloud ERP is widely becoming a more sought after option in the ERP marketplace. For the last 3 years, the number one factor holding businesses back from implementing cloud ERP was concerns about security. Fortunately, a majority of those security fears have been quelled as business have learned that cloud ERP can sometimes even be a safer option. However, the new challenge facing cloud ERP is the concern over not enough expertise surrounding the hosting option, which is why more businesses should consider cloud ERP consultant.
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The Top 4 Causes of ERP Failure & How ERP Consulting Can Help

There is no way around it, ERP projects are expensive; but there is a difference between money well spent and money wasted and an ERP consulting firm can help you avoid the latter. According to recent research, over 30% of ERP implementations are considered to be a failure because they do not help businesses achieve the benefits they had planned for. These failures occur for a number or reasons, all of which can be addressed by working with an ERP consultant, here are the top four.
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e2b teknologies Welcomes New ERP and CRM Consulting Practice Manager

e2B_ent_highrese2b teknologies, providers of ERP, CRM, and other business software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and service organizations, today announced the appointment of Mary Jo Mahood as the company’s new CRM and ERP Practice Manager. Continue reading

5 Tips for Choosing the Right ERP Consultant

Have you suffered through ERP projects with consultants that did not understand your company? What about a consultant who did not work well with you and your team? A consultant that took too long? Went over budget? Just plain failed at making your ERP project successful and as easy as possible? You’re not alone!

Choosing the right ERP consultant is paramount to having a successful project that stays within your budget, within your time-frame, and doesn’t make your ERP implementation team rip out all of their hair…but how do you choose the right one?

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