What to Look for In an ERP Development Partner

In a perfect world, the ERP you purchased would do everything you need it to do. but the reality is that there is no single ERP system out there that can give a company everything they want and need right out of the box. You’ve made a large investment in your ERP system and it makes sense that you want to get the most out of that investment. With the right ERP development partner, your ERP system can reach into each and every nook in cranny across your organization and become everything you need it to be; the secret is choosing the right partner.

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Choosing an ERP Development Partner: 5 Important Questions to Ask

Selecting the right system is extremely important, but even when companies select the best-fit solution very few find a perfect system that supports every one of their critical requirements out-of-the-box. Our experience in ERP shows that most customers are lucky to find a solution that meets 80-90% of their needs. So what do you do to cover the remaining 10-20%? Some companies change their business processes to fit the solution, others implement manual work-arounds which can be inefficient and confusing, some just ignore the problem, and others take the proactive approach and customize the system to suit their processes and deliver the critical data they need in a way that make sense for their business.  We will let you decide which we think is the best option…

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