Maximizing ROI with Epicor ERP Education: Epicor University

Epicor UniversityYou invest weeks, maybe months of your time evaluating ERP software in the hopes of finding the right product. And maybe you do find the right solution but what’s often more important is the knowledge you need to implement and to use it effectively today and for many years to come as your business evolves and you grow into more advanced features.
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Are You Providing Employees with ERP Training or ERP Education?

Are you providing your employees with ERP training or ERP education? Maybe you’ve never though of them as two different things, but it is important now to recognize the difference. When you hear the word “training” what do you think of? Long meetings? Boring videos? Teaching your dog how to shake? The word “education” on the other hand makes one think of learning, conept retention, and real-life application.

The difference between the two is simple: Attitude and end goals.

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