4 Must-have Management Participants in Manufacturing ERP Selection

manufacturing ERPWhether you’re searching for a process manufacturing ERP system or a discrete manufacturing ERP system, selecting a manufacturing ERP system is a long and complex task with many areas to slip up and create problems such as scope creep, low user adoption, and a poorly selected system. To avoid these and other problems, make sure you have these four members of your management team on the selection committee.
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Ohio is at the Heart of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

Ohio ERPAt this point you’ve surely heard of some of the manufacturing industry’s most disruptive innovations such as additive manufacturing or robotic welding to name just a couple. But did you know that Ohio is at the heart of these modern manufacturing developments? In fact, JobsOhio recently posted about the large impact the state is having on the future of manufacturing technology and how in turn, technology is driving the resurgence of Ohio manufacturing.
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Four Of The Most Compelling Reasons to Implement ERP for Manufacturing

ERP for manufacturing20 years ago only the largest manufacturers utilized ERP solutions, but as the technology has advanced and as the market has grown, ERP has become a viable solution for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Today, 74% of companies are using ERP for manufacturing according to Aberdeen Research.  If you’re among the 26% of manufacturers who are yet to implement ERP for manufacturing or if you’re on an older system, here are four of the top reasons to consider beginning a modern ERP system implementation.
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Sage 100 ERP Manufacturing Modules & Benefits

For manufacturing companies, data accuracy, schedules, and efficiency are critical to success. The Sage 100 ERP manufacturing modules provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process—from the supplier to the manufacturing floor through a sale. The manufacturing solution offers a series of features that help maximize efficiency throughout all stages. Continue reading

11 Manufacturing Questions your ERP System Can Answer

ERP systemEvery company needs to look at their financial analytics to ensure they are indeed making a profit and staying on the right path, but manufacturers need to be questioning and looking at much more than that and require analytics for many parts of the entire process. You need to make sure that your executives are seeing the reports they want but also the Buyers, planners, and shop floor leads, also have questions they need answers to and reporting they should take into consideration.  Your ERP system has all of the data you need, but are you asking the  questions? are you using the data in your ERP system to provide meaningful and useful information in your reports? Continue reading

ERP for manufacturing companies : You’re not using ERP?!

Not all manufacturing companies currently use ERP; this could be for a number of ERP for manufacturingdifferent reasons such as expenses related to purchase and implementation, they think- keyword think– they are not a large enough operation to have ERP, or maybe the company has been successful without it for years so why should they change a good thing? those are all topics to be discusssed in other blogs; point being, there are many out there who are not using ERP in their manufacturing company for different reasons, but the thing is, ERP for manufacturing companies has proven time and time again that it can provide massive benefits!So if you are not using ERP- what are you using?

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