How to Choose a Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP System

One of the most difficult processes of implementing a new ERP software is knowing where to start. Every vendor can tout their rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system as the best one out there, but how do you know for sure? There are some general indicators for selecting a rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system that are a great place to start when deciding which ERP system is the best for your business.
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Ohio ERP Consulting Firm Announces New Resources for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Selection

Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP(Chardon, Ohio) August 06, 2015- e2b teknologies, an ERP consulting and development company located in Northeast Ohio, today announced the availability of two new white papers written specifically for the rubber and plastic manufacturing industry. The white papers serve as a guide to help manufacturers successfully select and implement rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP software.
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10 Reasons to Choose Epicor ERP for Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

ERP for Plastics and Rubber ManufacturingPeople and business around the word use plastic every day, from the keyboard you’re typing on to advanced medical devices- plastic and rubber products are everywhere and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The companies who make the products we use every day need a system that will support their unique needs, help them balance costs, increase time to market, reduce waste, respond to change, and run a profitable business. The right rubber and plastics ERP can make that happen, but selecting the right system is easier said than done.
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Selecting ERP for Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing

Rubber and plastic manufacturers make the many products that we rely on every day. These include the tires we put on our cars to the flip-flops we wear to the beach. The process of manufacturing these different products though can vary quite drastically and so too does the software that supports them. The needs of rubber and plastic manufacturers varies widely depending on different stages in the supply chain, the nature of the products they make, and specific requirements and regulations for the intended use of the products by industry.  Like manufacturing plants, not all ERP systems are alike, so it is important to choose ERP for rubber and plastics designed to supports your specific needs. Continue reading

ERP for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers

ERP for Rubber and Plastic ManufacturersThe rubber and plastics industry is one with particularly volatile raw materials costs, short product life cycles, highly price sensitive customers, and thin margins. Because of the nature of the industry, rubber and plastics manufacturers are under a significant amount of pressure to find techniques to cut back on operational costs, reduce waste and inventory levels, quickly respond to rapid changes in product development, and other challenges. ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturers can support simple to complex build plans and provide the agility these organizations require and the deep insight and control necessary for precise manufacturing and overall customer satisfaction. Continue reading