3 Reasons You Should Be Using an ERP Consultant

Hands down, no secrets here: ERP is complicated. It’s not worth trying to convince someone that ERP isn’t a difficult technology to master. There are people who have been in the industry for a decade and still don’t know all there is to know about ERP. That is simply because ERP is a technology that is constantly changing. New ERP vendors pop up all the time, the addition of the cloud means ERP works differently than before and new module additions mean more functionality is added all the time. So, if you’re considering implementing ERP and you haven’t been immersed in ERP for a decade, you will have an extremely difficult time on your own. There are ERP consultants in the market for a reason and here are the reasons you should be using one.

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How Much Does an ERP Implementation Consultant Cost?

Like purchasing anything else, purchasing ERP comes with expenses beyond the erp implementation consultantcost of the system. if you are not equipped to handle this project internally, you will need to hire someone who has the knowledge and experience to make sure your ERP system is implemented properly; but how much does an  ERP Implementation Consultant Cost? Continue reading