The Benefits of Integrating Manufacturing Execution System with ERP

What is a Manufacturing Execution System?
A manufacturing execution system, or MES, controls everything on the shop floor. From real-time data to automation of machines and workflows, the entire manufacturing process can be automated using a manufacturing execution system. A report by Industry Directions actually shows that manufacturers who utilize a manufacturing execution system actually saw a 400 percent increase in profitability over a three year period of time. To get even more benefit from using a manufacturing execution system, many companies are integrating it with their ERP to gain even more data, but those are not the only benefits.
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44% of Companies Really Do Need Better ERP Integration

ERP integrationHow many systems are you using to manage your business? A recent study from found that 44% of companies currently shopping for ERP are using a combination of systems including their ERP software, Excel, and basic project management software to manage critical data and make important decisions. Why is that a problem? Because a lack of ERP integration usually results in duplicate data entry which can do more than simply slow you down, it can create major problems. For example, what if you misplace a decimal point? It may be small, but that little dot can wreak havoc when improperly placed.
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