ERP Migration and Your Data: Crucial Considerations

ERP migrationNo matter why you’re making the move to a new ERP system, making sure you’re data is ready for the move is crucial to a successful transition. An ERP migration allows you a fresh start to improve your data and the way you manage it for a more efficient and effective business, and more productive employees; approach it without carefully considering the following points, and you may wind up doing the exact opposite.
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Is Now The Right Time to Move to Epicor ERP 10?

Epicor ERP 10

With the end of the year quickly approaching and plans for the New Year beginning to form, many companies are wondering if now is the time to start planning an ERP project. You’ve seen the product information, watched the customer testimonials, reviewed the technical requirements, and have decided that Epicor is a viable ERP system for your organization (here is access to all of that information if you’re still researching). But when is the right time to begin your move to Epicor ERP 10? Timing is everything when it comes to an ERP project and the answer is not always obvious. Before you make your decision, here are the most important internal and external factors to consider.
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Epicor ERP to Replace QuickBooks Enterprise for Growing Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Epicor ERP(CHARDON, OHIO) July 21, 2015 e2b teknologies, an Epicor ERP reseller, developer, and Epicor consulting organization located in Northeast Ohio, today announced a new customer. The customer who specializes in the manufacturing and sale of oxygen handling equipment in the medical and industrial markets, has chosen e2b teknologies and Epicor ERP on a hosted platform to replace the company’s QuickBooks Enterprise accounting system.
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To Migrate, or Not to Migrate? An Age Old ERP Software Question Answered

erp softwareEvery once in a while companies either choose or are forced to reevaluate their ERP systems.  Why? There can be a few different reasons which we will get to soon; but the end result of ERP software migration should always be to take advantage of an opportunity to better your system, enjoy functionality you did not have before, and reduce costs. That all sounds great, but that does not mean ERP migration is something you should do right now- “Don’t fix it if it aint broke,” bad grammar aside, that is just as true with ERP software as it is with a car. Continue reading

Avoiding ERP Migration Failure: 5 mistakes to avoid during ERP migration.

>No matter the reason for your move to a new system, ERP migration can provide you with an opportunity for a fresh start and to equip your company with a neat and clean ERP system that will give you a competitive advantage and drive your business forward. On the flip side of that, there are just as many ways to accidently turn things the other way around; these mistakes will hinder your employee’s performance and hurt your bottom line. Don’t carry your bad habits from your old system into your new one! Continue reading