3 ERP Project Issues That Should Be Addressed Yesterday

When you are encountering your first ERP implementation, it can be difficult to know whether it is going smoothly or not. You’re part of a completely new process and involved in unfamiliar software. ERP projects can spin out of control taking thousands of dollars down with it. It is vital to the implementation process that you are aware of the warning signs that an ERP project is headed south.
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Convincing the Corner Office to Invest in an ERP Project

ERP projectThere are many, many important steps that go along with an ERP project but the first step must be to get approval from the company CEO/owner. Whether it entails ERP upgrade, migration, or the implementation of your company’s first ERP system, it is important to approach the conversation from the right angle. Sure, you have your reasons for wanting to start the project, but unless you can present it in such a way that shows upper management how it will help the company as a whole, you may not get the approval you need to move forward. Here are a few tips to help you outline your talking points.
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ERP Project Planning: ERP Budgeting Tips

ERP Project PlanningIt’s a generally accepted statistic that a company will change their accounting or ERP system once every 7-10 years due to growth, increasing complexities, new management, poor initial ERP selection, etc. No matter what the reason behind the change or whether you’re embarking on your first ERP project or you’ve done this before, ERP project planning, especially budgeting is mission critical. There is no easy way to estimate how many users you’ll need or what type of investment you might need to make in a business system but here are some suggestions based on our experience working with companies in a wide variety of industries to help you with your budgeting while you build a business case for next generation ERP.
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ERP Project Planning: Don’t Make These Two Common Mistakes

There are thousands of articles, white papers, and webinars available online explaining the most important steps to take during ERP project planning and execution. Among the most common advice out there is to do your research, take your time, and cover all of your bases; but some companies are still making two mistakes that can potentially turn your ERP project into a massive failure. Continue reading