ERP Comparison For A Simple Selection

Choosing ERP is no easy task. There are so many different vendors and software choices on the market it can easily become overwhelming for your first go around. Companies that are even starting the upgrading process for a replacement ERP system can struggle to pick out a new one. Doing an ERP comparison is one of the best ways to tackle the decision making process. Below, we will take on the first step of an ERP comparison by breaking down each tier of the systems.
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ERP Software Comparison – Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3, and Epicor ERP

ERP Software Comparison ERP comparison is an important part of any ERP selection project to determine which solution is best for your business. Our company represents four different leading ERP solutions from Sage and Epicor and they all present a solid technology and accounting foundation for any business across industries; but there are a few differences that must be considered as you make your final ERP selection. For example, there are differences between products taking into account third party and OEM applications, scalability, vertical functionality, workflow, and other factors.  Watch the recorded webinar below to learn how to dissect these various factors to choose your best-fit solution.
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4 Essential Factors to Consider As You Compare ERP Software Solutions

 Compare ERP SoftwareOnce you make the decision to replace your legacy ERP system or implement an enterprise resource planning solution for the first time, you may be tempted to go and buy the first one see that seemingly meets your needs…don’t do it. It’s surprising how many companies fall victim to this enthusiasm and wind up with the wrong product only to replace it a few years later. In fact, a recent survey from Capterra found that 22% of companies purchase the first software system they looked at and 1/3 of buyers did not even demo the product before buying it!  So, before you pull the trigger on a system we cannot stress enough that you carefully and painstakingly compare ERP software solutions; it make be a long process but it will be worth it in the end.
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ERP Software Comparison Chart & Evaluation Tips

Comparing the many different types and sizes of ERP solutions available on the market today is increasingly overwhelming; especially as more industry specific and niche solutions enter the market and trends such as mobility and cloud ERP begin to take off. Below are 8 important ERP software comparison and evaluation tips to help you pick out the right solution for your organization as well as a chart to help you compare some of the leading solutions on the market today. Continue reading