5 Ways to Make Life Simpler with Regulatory Compliance ERP Software

In some industries, there are strict regulations that need to be followed set forth by the government. Although these are put in place for good reason, mostly to protect employees and consumers, they can be a huge hassle for manufacturers. Keeping track of all the necessary items to prove you are in compliance with regulation takes a lot of time and sometimes the necessary documents can be hard to find. To top it all off, if you’re found to break any of the rules you’re hit with a hefty fine.  For these reasons, compliance reporting truly isn’t something that should be done manually. Regulatory compliance ERP software can take the headache out of these regulations and making sure you adhere to them.
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5 ERP Myths Busted

Although ERP software has made many companies more efficient, organized and saved them money, it has still received a bad reputation over the years. Mostly this has been perpetuated by ERP myths circulating around on who should have ERP or who can afford ERP. The truth is, there are tons of different software options to choose from, all which serve different purposes and have different price tags. These aren’t the only ERP myths floating around, we’re going to bust a few of them.
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The Need For Small Business Automation

One of the easiest ways to save money in small business is by finding the tasks that you can automate. Imagine all the time that is wasted by doing repetitive, manual tasks every day, and time wasted equals money wasted. Studies show that U.S. companies waste up $89 million a year on repetitive tasks. In your small business, imagine how much money you would save by investing in small business automation.
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10 Signs You’re Ready for ERP

Maybe you have considered switching to an ERP system and are on the fence. Or maybe you haven’t even considered going the ERP route, but you know you need a better way to manage your company as it continues to grow. The big question that many companies have is when do you know it’s time for ERP? With such a huge investment between time and money, no one wants to implement ERP before they really need it.
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4 Common Mistakes During ERP Replacement

When it comes to implementing a new ERP system, there is a wealth of knowledge online. From implementation strategies to do’s and don’ts for picking a new system. One often overlooked area of ERP implementation, however, is those that are doing an ERP replacement. It is assumed that those who have already gone through an ERP implementation once, know what to expect.
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Study Reveals Business Leaders Worry About Managing Growth

Companies are constantly touting their growth percentages and any new ventures, such as expanding to new facilities. From this, we would assume company growth is an exciting time for companies. A new study released by Epicor Software Corporation, a leading vendor of ERP software, shows that growth for companies is actually creating the opposite emotions for business leaders. A majority of respondents to their survey actually said that growth is a time of worry, stress and pain.
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Six Tips to Increase Profitability in Architecture

The architecture industry is slowly – very slowly – recovering from the recession. According to IBIS World, architecture still remains below its peak profitability in 2007. Peak profitability is on the horizon, however, as the construction industry sees an uptick in work. The difficulty though for the architecture industry, according to Architects Journal, is figuring out how to turn that work into higher fees.
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5 Ways to Extend Legacy ERP Software for Just a Little Longer

ERP software

As an ERP consulting company we preach the importance of relevant and up-to-date software, but we also know the expenses related to updating legacy ERP software systems and understand that the time is not always right. So if you plan to make a move but need to hold out just a little bit longer due to budget or resource constraints, here are a few ways to squeeze extra time and functionality out of your current system until you’re ready to begin a larger ERP software project.
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The 2016 ERP Landscape

ERP softwareIt wasn’t all that long ago that the ERP world was dominated by a handful of companies built from acquisitions. The big 5 were JD Edwards, Baan, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP. But JD Edwards and PeopleSoft are now part of Oracle, Baan is part if Infor, and SAP remains atop the tier one space. The old way of looking at the ERP space never took into account the midmarket players; this changed in the early to mid-2000s when we started seeing a new breed of ERP vendors on the market that have changed things dramatically.

By watching the video below, you can join us as we explore the world of ERP business software in 2016, what it means for your business, and how you can best leverage these modern systems.
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13 Reasons Why Food Manufacturers Need ERP Software

Food manufacturers face significant challenges each and every day, including increasing costs, safety concerns, government regulation, changing consumer tastes, and low margins to name a few. To overcome these challenges and others, food processors need the right ERP software to manage inventory, track materials and finished goods, control costs, reduce food safety risks, comply with government regulations, and much more.

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46% of CFOs Suffer from ERP Software Data Inaccessibility- Do You?

ERP Data InaccessibilityA recent ERP software study Conducted by Redshift Research, over 1,500 CFOs from 11 countries were surveyed and revealed that a majority of CFOs are seriously lacking when it comes to access and insight into the data they need for big decisions.  In fact, the survey found that 60% of CFOs are still using spreadsheets alongside other systems, and 46% admit to relying on gut feelings and instincts to make decisions that impact growth and profitability rather than on hard data!

Here are a few more alarming facts about ERP software data access which were uncovered by the study and tools to help you decide if it’s time you did something about your data.
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ERP Implementation Project: Focus on the People Not Just Technology

When it comes to your ERP implementation project, don’t let people get lost in the technology and process. This is a common occurance and why many companies feel as though they didnt get the ROI they expected out of their implemenation. No matter how great the system you choose, or how well planned the technology side of implementation goes, nothing can happen unless the people meant to use it are on board. Continue reading

ERP Survey Uncovers What Matters Most to Users in an ERP Software Solution

ERP softwareThis is an exciting time in business technology, especially for ERP software. Capabilities such as mobility, social collaboration, cloud ERP, and others becoming such hot topics in the ERP world, you can’t help but wonder how much of it is actually making a difference to users and how much of it is just media buzz. A recent industry survey revealed exactly that and found that most users are underwhelmed by their current ERP software and truly do want those buzz-worthy features. A global survey conducted by Epicor and an independent research firm, Redshift Research, found out for themselves what matters to modern companies when it comes to these new ERP technologies, how they are using them now, how they want to use them in the future, who is leading the charge and who is lagging behind. See the major findings from the survey below.

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ERP for Small to Medium-Sized Business: Keeping Up with The Big Dogs

ERP for Small to Medium-Sized BusinessAs a smaller to medium-sized business, you are always busy, your ‘to do ‘ list is constantly growing, you wear many different hats throughout your day, you and your employees probably work harder and longer than larger companies, yet you still cannot get everything done! Granted, being busy is a great problem to have. but, are you busy with the right things? Continue reading