How to Choose An ERP Add On

Yes, ERP is supposed to make your life easier and eliminate manual tasks. No, it won’t work perfectly for everyone straight out of the box. For some businesses, you will an ERP add on to get the full automation that you need to truly run your business on auto pilot. This could include anything from managing sales and use tax in the different states you sell to automating all your invoices and accounts receivable processes. This is largely because every business operates differently. If you’re a smaller operation only selling to other businesses locally, you may not need sales tax automation.
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The Benefits of Document Management and ERP

It’s hard to imagine in this age of technology that so many business still keep important documents on paper. However, in all reality 90 percent of companies have all their critical business information only in paper form. This creates huge time inefficiencies and leaves open holes for disaster in a business. Using a document management solution with your ERP system can combat these issues, saving your company time, money and peace of mind.
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Another Downfall of Homegrown ERP Solutions ? Low Adoption & Utilization Rates

Generally speaking, custom ERP solutions have an even lower adoption and utilization rate than standardized ERP systems. Why? Because you probably did not write a comprehensive “how to” on your homegrown ERP system and it may be clunky and difficult to use and learn. If the system is difficult to use then your employees will either not use it at all or use it infrequently and inefficiently. Continue reading