Bite Sized ERP Training for End Users

As you may have heard lately, the attention span of humans has greatly decreased since the advent of the smart phone and social media. In the early 2000s, most people could give undivided attention to a subject for about 12 seconds. Now, that has decreased to a solid eight seconds. We can attribute this to the short, quick videos that play on Facebook, quick screen load times, and quick bite-sized bits of information on Twitter (among other things). Thanks to these short attention spans, we have to change the way we convey information to our employees during ERP training. If we try to use older methods, we’ll likely find that we lost our end users a half an hour ago. We have to make our ERP training bite-sized.
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Leveraging ERP End User Training for ROI

One of the most important processes in ERP implementation is end user training. You can follow every step perfectly, but if you drop the ball on this step you will run into massive problems. ERP is not a small software program. It will take a lot of practice for a new user to get used to the system. The ERP end user has to know how to use the software properly in order for you to get the most return on investment.
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Cutting Costs for ERP Implementation

ERP implementation is not a cheap task, so you want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. If your employees walk away from the implementation with no retention of the system, however, you’re going to continue to see lag times. One of the most expensive aspects of an ERP implementation is your employees, so if you continue to hear the same questions from them post-training and notice they’re spending time looking up answers on Google, then training wasn’t effective.
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An ERP Training Horror Story (and How to Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen to You)

ERP TrainingWhile the ERP system you select, the deployment method you employ, and the other technical factors of an ERP implementation project are critical to your overall success, the way the software is used throughout the organization has the greatest impact on overall ERP ROI. If the employees are not using the system or using it in correctly, you stand to lose out on the benefits that made you choose the system in the first place. Unfortunately end-user training often gets pushed aside until well after the implementation kicks off and is left as an afterthought which becomes a last minute scramble to teach employee how to use the system.

How important is ERP training? Consider this horror story:
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Training New Employees on Your Epicor ERP System

Hiring new employees, while it is an exciting time, can also be a hectic time as you work to get them set up and productive as quickly as possible…and then of course there is teaching them to use your software programs. Training new employees to use your Epicor ERP system, or any ERP system for that matter, is easier said than done. Here are five suggestions to help you get your employees trained quickly but also to ensure they are fully grasping the information and ready to use it on the job.

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Are You Providing Employees with ERP Training or ERP Education?

Are you providing your employees with ERP training or ERP education? Maybe you’ve never though of them as two different things, but it is important now to recognize the difference. When you hear the word “training” what do you think of? Long meetings? Boring videos? Teaching your dog how to shake? The word “education” on the other hand makes one think of learning, conept retention, and real-life application.

The difference between the two is simple: Attitude and end goals.

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