The ERP Upgrade Checklist

Most likely, you’ve heard before that ERP has a lifespan of about 10 years. At this point, new technologies have emerged that make the latest ERP faster, easier to use and more efficient, leaving you behind your competition. Even if this fact doesn’t bother you, your company has probably grown and shifted focus over the last decade, leaving your old ERP system to no longer meet your needs. No matter which way you look at it, you’re probably ready and in for an ERP upgrade after 10 years.
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Ignoring an ERP Upgrade Ends in 3 Money Wasters

The number one stigma of ERP systems is the cost. It is also the number one reason a business feels held back from purchasing ERP. In a recent study, a majority of businesses responded that they know they should update their ERP system, but they have no plans to do so in the future. The number one reason these businesses were hesitant to tackle an ERP upgrade was because of the cost. Although this is completely understandable, it doesn’t always make sense. Not investing in an ERP upgrade can actually increase costs in the long run do to a loss of efficiency and competitive edge working on an old system. We’re going to cover the three ways you will lose out by not performing an ERP upgrade.

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Is Your System Ready For an ERP Upgrade?

If you rely on your ERP system to get orders out the door, invoice for the orders and keep your customers satisfied, do you know what you would do if that system went down? Most likely, you would struggle to ship product, would be unable to invoice customers and some of those customers would start looking elsewhere for the products they need. This would all have serious effect on cash flow. An ERP system that has been working great for years, only to give out one day can boil down to a lack of an ERP upgrade.
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Is Now The Right Time to Move to Epicor ERP 10?

Epicor ERP 10

With the end of the year quickly approaching and plans for the New Year beginning to form, many companies are wondering if now is the time to start planning an ERP project. You’ve seen the product information, watched the customer testimonials, reviewed the technical requirements, and have decided that Epicor is a viable ERP system for your organization (here is access to all of that information if you’re still researching). But when is the right time to begin your move to Epicor ERP 10? Timing is everything when it comes to an ERP project and the answer is not always obvious. Before you make your decision, here are the most important internal and external factors to consider.
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Should You Replace Your ERP System? 13 ERP Evaluation Criteria to Help You Decide

Knowing if and when the time has come to replace your ERP system can be a difficult and overwhelming task. One of the easiest ways to approach the process is by breaking it down; Your ERP system is meant to help you optimize and streamline your processes, right? So it makes sense to take a step back and look at the current obstacles and gaps in your process and evaluate how your ERP system helps you get around them. This can be less overwhelming when you break your ERP evaluation down into steps and a series of questions like the ones below. Continue reading

Avoid These Common Mistakes & Start Hating The Phrase ‘ERP Upgrade’ a Little Less

For many IT managers the phrase “ERP upgrade” is cringe worthy to say the least. ERP upgrades have gotten a bad rap because yes, they are a pain and they can be expensive and time consuming, but an upgrade done right can bring with it some amazing benefits. Additionally, if you avoid making some common mistakes along the way, ERP upgrades do not have to be as expensive or time consuming as you might think. Here are 5 of the most common (and avoidable) mistakes to avoid during your next ERP upgrade.

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Has The Time Come For an ERP System Upgrade?

Life would be a little bit simpler if your ERP system had a “use by” date telling you when it is time for an ERP system upgrade. Unfortunately software just isn’t that simple. Some vendors suggest or even force upgrades on companies while others leave you to make that decision by yourself which can be tough. Luckily there are some rules of thumb and signs that can help you decide when the time has come to go through an ERP upgrade or when to ask your vendor if they think you would benefit from a system upgrade. Continue reading