Choosing Between Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Vendors

When it comes to the rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP software selection process, it is important to remember the significance of vendor selection. Choosing among rubber and plastic ERP vendors is just as vital as making the right choice about the ERP software itself. So, before making your  final decision, be sure to consider the following.
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Making Your Final ERP Vendor Selection

Our last blog talked about how to prepare for an ERP vendor demonstration to make sure you got all of the important information you needed out of the meeting. After the demo you would have weeded out the options that were not a good fit for you, but you still need to whittle that down to your final decision- how do you make your final ERP vendor selection?

ERP vendor selection

Assuming you have whittled it down to 2-3 finalists, here are a couple of things that will help you make your choice with confidence Continue reading