Choosing Between Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Vendors

When it comes to the rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP software selection process, it is important to remember the significance of vendor selection. Choosing among rubber and plastic ERP vendors is just as vital as making the right choice about the ERP software itself. So, before making your  final decision, be sure to consider the following.
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Why ERP Vendor Selection Matters

When considering the success or failure of an ERP implementation, the software is rarely the only contributing factor. You must take into consideration the entire project, including your ERP vendor selection. Most projects are considered a failure for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Going over monetary budget
  • Going beyond the time-frame
  • Problems with integration
  • Interruptions to important business processes
  • Lack of end-user training- or poorly done training
  • Improper project planning

Of course selecting the right ERP system is important to ensure you have the features and functions you need to optimize your processes, but the above are all factors that lead back to your ERP vendor, not the system alone which is why carefully selecting your ERP vendor is crucial to being able to look back and call your project successful. Continue reading