4 Myths about Sage ERP Inventory Management Put to Rest

Sage ERP Inventory Management

While companies know the importance of accurately analyzing and forecasting their inventory, many accept the performance of their existing features and functions found in their Sage ERP system as their best possible option; but there is always more that can be done to optimize your inventory.

The trouble is that many decision makers believe the myths; that it will take an exorbitant amount of time, effort, money, and equipment to improve the inventory management performance of their ERP system. It’s time to put those common Sage ERP inventory management myths to rest and show you how you can further enhance the inventory management functions of your Sage ERP system with Sage Inventory Advisor; a fast and affordable way to reduce stock outs, optimize inventory, and meet customer demands . Continue reading

Extend Sage ERP with Cloud Business Applications : Evaluating Your Options

Businesses of today are under increasing pressure to do more with less, buy more with less, optimize processes, and quickly attain success. To do that, your ERP system needs to be up to the challenge. The truth is, no publisher out there has an ERP system that will give every company exactly what they need right from the get-go, and Sage is no different. Luckily there are developers out there who can help you extend Sage ERP to give you the edge you’re looking for. With such a large and engaged community, Sage Users have many options when it comes to selecting an ERP partner and solutions to extend Sage ERP; but with so many choices, how do you choose the right ERP partner? and what type of solutions are available to you? Below are a few suggestions to help you make confident decisions on both fronts. Continue reading