Using Gamification to Implement ERP

“Gaming” has become common-place in much of our everyday lives. Video games and video game counsels have become ever more intricate, with the players on the screen looking almost life-like. Our smartphones that we carry around everywhere can access thousands of games, like the popular app angrybirds. Even social media can be interpreted as a game, posting often gives you more followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook.
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Is There a Role for Gamification in ERP Software? This week’s #ERPchat recap

by: Jeanne Lee 
gamification in erp

Another week and another interesting #ERPCHAT! Each week @ERPfocus hosts a twitter conversation called #ERPchat; every week there is a new topic on which anyone is welcome to chime in. If you missed last week’s #ERPchat, “where will ERP be in 10 years?” you can read our highlights here. This week #ERPchat asked the question, “Is there a role for gamification in ERP software?” Continue reading