Is Your ERP Software Holding You Back?

ERP programs are supposed to save you time and money, and increase your company’s productivity and revenue. This has become common knowledge among ERP users. Despite all this, sometimes your ERP system can actually be holding you back. The warning signs of whether your ERP system is killing your company are clear.
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Selecting Global ERP for Mid-Sized Companies: 6 Considerations

Global ERPTechnology has made is possible for mid-sized companies of all kinds to expand into new geographies; with the level of competition, change, and globalization accelerating in every industry, it is important to utilize business systems that can keep up. Many mid-sized companies, prior to going global, do not operate an ERP system that can handle the increased operational complexity that comes along with international business. These companies need to carefully replace the current system with global ERP system with the power and flexibility to support global operations and supply chains.

Below are 6 factors to consider when selecting global ERP to help you manage the growth, execute change, reduce IT costs, standardize processes, improve efficiency, and run a profitable multi-site, multi-country business. Continue reading