Create a Strong Company Culture Using ERP

One of the big trends in the business world right now is learning how to treat your employees correctly. This isn’t simply a “fad”, but rather a new tactic companies are realizing works to retain great talent and have low turnover rates. If you have a great company culture, you’re not going to have to search very hard for great employees. Once you have these great employees, you will see your business grow and become more efficient. As the old saying goes, “If you think great employees are expensive, wait until you find out how much a bad one will cost you.”
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ERP Implementation Advice : choosing an ERP implementation phasing strategy

Many of our articles are focused on the importance of choosing the right ERP software and partner. But what is the next important step? It is time now to focus on how you will introduce the ERP system into your company. Whether you are implementing your first ERP system or replacing an old one, this is an important step to a successful project. Your ERP partner will be able to help you decide what is best for your company, but here are some questions you will want to ask yourself that will help you make your choice as well as the pros and cons of the ERP implementation phasing options you have to choose from. Continue reading