Saying Goodbye to QuickBooks

As your business begins to grow, so will many of the departments and the daily tasks that need to be completed. QuickBooks may have been the perfect fit for your business in the past, but maybe it’s starting to lag behind all the processes that you are now taking care of. Tasks that used to be easy are now eating away at your time.
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QuickBooks for Manufacturers: 5 Reasons to Upgrade to ERP

Using QuickBooks for manufacturers, while it may have been strategic in the beginning, may be doing more harm than good if you’re growing. Small and medium sized manufacturers flock to QuickBooks in their younger years because it is a tried and true accounting solution; but manufacturing goes beyond finances. As a growing manufacturer you need to be able to plan, procure, product, distribute, sell, handle complex transactions, measure up to standards, operate globally, collaborate, communicate, and more. To do all of that efficiently, you need to be in one system. While making the change to an ERP system may have been scary a few years ago, new technolgoy has made the change quote painless and more affordable than you might think! First thing’s first, why is QuickBooks not a sustainable solution for growing manufacturers?
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You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks…Now What? A Guide to Taking the Next Steps.

Many companies start out using an introductory system like QuickBooks- and why shouldn’t they? QuickBooks is a well known solution that is easy to use and fills the needs of a small company. But over time companies  who have outgrown QuickBooks begin to experience some of the common hassles and expenses of using a system that can no longer handle the changing requirements, processes, and accounting needs of a larger business. As a growing company you recognize the need for more visibility and additional functionality to truly thrive. So you make the decision to move from QuickBooks to a larger and more robust system; but at what cost?

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21 Ways Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service Companies Can Tell They Have Outgrown QuickBooks and Are Ready for ERP

We have been working with manufacturing, distribution, and service companies for many years, and we have found one thing to be true. Many companies who begin with QuickBooks eventually find themselves busting the seams of the software due to their growth, and that can lead to some serious headaches.  Starting with QuickBooks is great for companies that are just getting started, but QuickBooks was not designed to handle the complex requirements of companies who grow beyond a certain point.

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