How ERP Relates to the VCR: Time for an ERP Upgrade

In the last few decades, the VCR has become obsolete. If you ask a younger person in middle school or elementary school what a VCR is, they would probably have a confused look on their face because it hasn’t really been around since they were born. This isn’t because the VCR or VHS was a bad piece of technology, at the time, in fact, it was quite ground breaking for movie and T.V. lovers. However, simply put, new and better technology was invented. The VCR and VHS had to take a side step to the DVD. Instead of dealing with a big bulky tape and tape player, people could carry around a slim box and disc that produced better quality video. And, again, a new technology was created and the DVD took a side step. Now everything can be streamed and there is no need to carry around anything. Simply purchase the movie or show from your smart T.V.
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