Oilfield Service Company Moves from QuickBooks to Epicor 9 ERP

Epicor 9 ERPChardon, Ohio, March 14, 2014- Today, e2b enterprise, a division of e2bteknologies announced a new customer in the Oilfield Service Industry has chosen Epicor 9 ERP to replace the company’s QuickBooks accounting system.

After recognizing that they had outgrown QuickBooks, the company began evaluating options for a new ERP system with the strength and flexibility to support their various processes and operations. The company evaluated Epicor 9 ERP and a competing solution, making the end decision to use Epicor as it proved to be a better fit for their project and fulfilled many of the company’s demanding functionality requirements. Continue reading

ERP Budget & Cost Considerations: Moving from QuickBooks to ERP (part 4 of 8 part series)

By James Mallory

Mid-Market ERP (Part 4)

The next step up from Anytime Supply Chain and Entry Level ERP systems is again, a much larger jump in terms of cost and complexity. Epicor, for example, is one of the leading midmarket ERP providers for manufacturers. Software alone will cost about $5,000 per user (same for most similar competitive products). So a 10 user system will be around $50,000. But in this market segment, the implementation will be at least a ration of 1:1.5 if not closer to 1:2 software to consulting. Consulting rates are about $175 to $225 per hour for experienced consultants. So a $50,000 investment really means a $125,000 to $150,000 investment for a fully implemented solution. This is still money well spent but it may simply be out of reach for smaller companies. Continue reading