Successfully Manage Product Recalls with Food Processing ERP

food processing ERPFood production is complicated and things can somtimes ‘go bad’ in more way than one. Without a food processing ERP system in place, it is difficult (if not impossible) for food and beverage manufacturers to track raw materials through the production process to the packaged finished goods shipped to customers. If you’re manaing that information manually, what will you do in the event of a recall due to unsafe ingredients, spoiled items, or contamination?
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How Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP Can Improve Product Recall Management

Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP

Product recalls can be extremely costly for an organization in more ways than one.  for example, after issuing a recall the manufacturer has to cover the cost to replace and repaire defective products. Furthermore, a recall and the fallout can be extremely detrimental to the manufacturers reputation in the market. For larger companies, the total cost of fixing these products and any backlash from customers can potentially result in multi-billion dollar losses.
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