You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks…Now What? A Guide to Taking the Next Steps.

Many companies start out using an introductory system like QuickBooks- and why shouldn’t they? QuickBooks is a well known solution that is easy to use and fills the needs of a small company. But over time companies  who have outgrown QuickBooks begin to experience some of the common hassles and expenses of using a system that can no longer handle the changing requirements, processes, and accounting needs of a larger business. As a growing company you recognize the need for more visibility and additional functionality to truly thrive. So you make the decision to move from QuickBooks to a larger and more robust system; but at what cost?

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ERP Budget & Cost Considerations: Moving from QuickBooks to ERP (Part 8 of 8 part series)

By James Mallory

Summary (Part 8 )

Companies often grow slowly and over time come to the realization that their current business software is lacking the capabilities they need to remain competitive. While their accounting requirements may remain relatively unchanged and are supported just fine with their existing system, they often feel a lot of pressure due to the inadequacies of their business system in respect to operational and supply chain features. Most accounting systems and ERP systems have basic payables and receivables but there is a QuickBooks doesn’t offer a robust bill of material and even midmarket systems from Sage and Microsoft don’t have all the supply chain features needed for a growing company. Continue reading

ERP Budget & Cost Considerations: Moving from QuickBooks to ERP (Part 1 of 8 part series)

By James Mallory

Entry-Level Accounting (Part 1)

Companies can buy a business system for almost nothing when they are small. A subscription to QuickBooks starts at just $12.95. You can barely eat at McDonald’s these days for that little investment. Even QuickBooks Enterprise is very affordable at less than $10,000 for a growing business. But there is one thing that makes the leap from QuickBooks to ERP a big one for most companies – implementation services. Continue reading