4 Must-Haves in ERP for Job Shops

The needs of a job shop manufacturer are unlike any manufacturing models supported by general ERP systems. When every order that comes in is different from the rest, it becomes a difficult task to plan purchase orders and scheduling, track labor and time costs and figure out where you will even start on the next product. Most ERP systems simply don’t meet the needs or can only do half the job needed, which is why you need ERP for job shops.
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Northeast Ohio Sage 100 ERP Reseller Announced Sage 100 ERP Resource Library

 Sage 100 ERP ResellerChardon, OH, April 21, 2015- Today e2b teknologies (e2btek.com), a leading Sage 100 ERP Reseller and provider of Sage 100 ERP consulting and development services in Northeast Ohio, announced the availability of the company’s Sage 100 ERP Resource Library. The Resource Library provides executives and end-users with a single place to gather all of the critical information they need to successfully evaluate and fully utilize Sage 100 ERP.
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Exciting New Product Features & Enhancements Now Available in Sage 100 ERP 2015!

Sage 100 ERP version 2015 was finally released and is packed with new features and enhancements to make working with Sage 100 even better than before. One of the reasons you’re truly going to get excited about these updates is because many of them were requested or inspired by Sage Users through the Sage 100 ideas site, a website created to give users a place to not only suggest new features or updates but vote on the suggestions, track if they have been planned, and see when they are completed! With interaction and collaboration like that, we know you’re going to be happy with the latest version of Sage 100, now easier to use and more efficient than ever.

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Increase Sales in Wholesale Distribution with Sage 100 ERP & Sage Mobile Sales

Sage 100 ERP For over 25 years, St. Joseph Paper and Packaging has been a distributor of paper products, bubble wrap, and pallet strapping supplies to companies in and around South Bend, Indiana.  The company purchased Sage 100 ERP back when it was known as Sage MAS 100 for its strong inventory management and warehouse functionalit; but upgrades to the software, cloud computing, and modern sales tools allowed St. Joseph Paper and Packaging to take their ERP system and their business to the next level. Learn how Sage 100 ERP Mobile Sales helped this company increase sales by 16% while continuing their legacy of quality products, exemplary service, and dependability in an industry where timing and accuracy is everything.
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ERP in the Cloud: 8 Benefits of Sage 100 ERP Online

Recent surveys have proven that cloud ERP adoption is on the rise, especially for small and medium sized organizations. As with any other ERP implementation though, the secret to success is found in system selection. Sage 100 ERP Online has proven itself as a solid solution offering the power of Sage ERP and all the benefits of the cloud to help organizations grow with confidence, work more efficiently, and make better decisions. Below are 8 of the many reasons small and medium sized businesses choose Sage 100 ERP Online as their cloud ERP solution.

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This is Why Growing Companies Choose Sage 100 ERP to Replace QuickBooks

replace quickbooksMost small companies start out with QuickBooks; it’s simple, inexpensive, and it works. Companies will remain with QuickBooks for years, even decades, because it’s a great solution, but it is not a long-term one.  Eventually small companies hit a wall with QuickBooks as their business and financial management needs become more complex. Here are a few ways to recognize if you’ve hit that wall and why many companies like yours are choosing Sage 100 ERP to replace QuickBooks as they grow. Continue reading

Is Sage 100 ERP The Right ERP System for You? 12 Ways to Know

ERP solutions are not one-size fits all which is why truly understanding your business needs and an product research plays a crucial part in selecting an ERP system. Sage 100 ERP is a simple, yet powerful solution with many features and functions that you may find attractive, but was it designed for a business like yours? Find out below: Continue reading

Leading Manufacturer of Refractory Brick Chooses Sage 100 Advanced ERP (Sage MAS 200)

Chardon, OH, April 23, 2014 -e2b teknologies, a premier Sage reseller and Gold Development Partner located in Northeast Ohio, announced today that a leading manufacturer of refractory brick has chosen e2b teknologies to support their purchase of Sage 100 Advanced ERP (formerly Sage MAS 200). Continue reading

71 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Sage 100 ERP

Keyboard Shortcuts for Sage 100 ERPYou don’t need to memorize them all, but learning even a few of these keyboard shortcuts for Sage 100 ERP can help you become more productive and further simplify and streamline the use of your ERP system. Don’t be intimidated, anyone can learn and use keyboard shortcuts; in fact, you probably use them already. For example, common shortcuts you likely use already might be Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+P (paste) or (Ctrl+S). Those are easy, right? This is the same thing except they are specific to your Sage 100 ERP system. See the list below to pick out the shortcuts that will be most beneficial to the way you work. Continue reading

3 Strategic Reasons to Make the Move to Sage 100 ERP 2014

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading from to Sage 100 ERP 2014 from a previous version of the software, looking for a solution to replace the entry-level accounting system, or in search of a solution better suited to your business than your current system, Sage 100 ERP 2014 may be exactly what you need. The is powerful, yet simple and helps your company take advantage of the many benefits of cloud and mobile technology; laying the foundation for more successful operations, increased revenue, and outstanding customer relationships. Below are 3 ways Sage 100 ERP 2014helps you make it happen:
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Sage 100 ERP System Requirements

Sage 100 ERP System Requirements

Wondering what it takes to run Sage 100 ERP? Below we’ve outlined the Sage 100 ERP System Requirements for the Standard, Advanced, and Premium versions of Sage 100 ERP 2014.

Additional Detailed product update information and support policies can be found here. These documents are intended to cover all information regarding the compatibility of various operating systems as of January 10, 2014. Any operating system not listed should be considered incompatible.

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8 Reasons to Move from QuickBooks to Sage 100 ERP

While your QuickBooks accounting system may have served you well in the beginning, things have changed. You have more human resources, more capital resources, more customers, and more complexity across your business. At this point, those spreadsheets, hand-written notes, and other workarounds you’ve started using to make up for a lack of functionality in your QuickBooks system just won’t work anymore. It’s time to consider a move to a system that is better equipped to deal with your business as it is today and as it could be in the future. Continue reading

Save Time and Increase Efficiencies with ERP for HVAC Contractors

Krier & Blain, Inc. upgrade to Sage 100 ERP for HVAC contractors

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, HVAC systems are critical to ensure everyone remains comfortable in the sweltering summer heat and wicked winter winds; but the companies who install HVAC systems need to make sure their internal operations are fully supported so they can keep their customers comfortable. This is where Krier & Blain, Inc. began to run into trouble and why they made the choice to upgrade their ERP system to Sage 100 ERP. Continue reading

Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting: Increase Reporting Productivity by 25%

Put most simply, business intelligence is the ability to compile, organize, and analyze data from across your organization and use it to make better, faster decisions. To make that possible, you must be able to pull all of your information into an easy to understand, actionable format and from there employees must be able to quickly and correctly analyze it to make strategic decisions. if you’re like most companies though, that is much easier said than done. A majority of organizations rely on excel, manual data entry to and from their ERP systems, and other slow, repetitive, error prone processes. The result of such methods is slow decision making often times based on old and incorrect data. Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting helps companies increase reporting productivity, giving them confidence in their decisions and making them more agile, more profitable, and more competitive than their competitors. Continue reading