16 Ways to Improve Your Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERPSage 500 ERP is a strong solution, but even the strongest system needs a little help sometimes. How can you improve your Sage 500 ERP and more effectively manage not only the system but your entire organization? and how do you avoid dealing with all of the complications and chaos often found with add-on software modules? Continue reading

e2b teknologies Re-Energizes ERP Implementation at AETI

e2b teknologies re-energizs ERP for AETICompanies who fail to reinvent themselves die. That’s not the case for Houston-based AETI (NASDAQ: AETI). AETI was born in the oil and gas industry but it saw itself as a supplier of a larger energy market and transformed itself into a global leader of electrical products and services for oil and gas and renewal energy suppliers as well as marine and industrial customers. Continue reading

Fusion Retail Management System (RMS) for Sage 500 ERP

Fusion Retail Management System (RMS), a product of Point Solutions, is a point of sale solution that integrates directly with Sage 500 ERP. Fusion RMS is ideal for distributed environments and allows for remote store operations without consuming a Sage license or requiring continuous contact with your ERP application. The imbedded Retail Customer Management (RCM) allows a multi-layered approach to customer relationship management by allowing the Sage client the ability to keep detailed customer transaction data in the ERP or in Fusion. The Fusion RMS is a complete POS solution that allows you to manage sales with aspects such as the Fusion Cash Register, Fusion Customer Service Register, Fusion Mobile Register, Fusion Store Manager, and the Fusion System Manager.



Fusion Retail Management Sage 500

Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) for Sage 500 ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is a complete point of sale solution that can be adapted to meet unique requirements. Microsoft RMS integrates with Sage 500 ERP, giving even multi-store retailers full control over their business processes. Features include customizable data fields, automation of inventory and purchasing management, access customer histories at the POS, and analyze data with flexible reporting options. You can easily set up discounts, promotions, and sales; work with flexible pricing structures; send targeted mailings; display up-sells; and collaborate with suppliers to advertise products. As a connected solution, Microsoft RMS drives retail growth and is perfect for small and maid-market retailers.



Microsoft RMS

ServiceXtreme Preventative Maintenance by Single Source Systems

ServiceXtreme, a product of Single Source Systems, manages every aspect of preventative maintenance operations with core application modules such as incident tracking, resource scheduling, service management, unit configuration, warranty tracking, and expense tracking & reconciliation. ServiceXtreme acts as a delivery mechanism for the activities of a maintenance department by planning maintenance activities, allocating maintenance resources, and managing repair part inventories. ServiceXtreme is designed to be integrated with Sage 500 ERP, facilitating the information flow between your enterprise business system and your maintenance department. Integration benefits of ServiceXtreme include seamless real-time integration, consistent user interface and operational navigation, utilizes existing MS-SQL server, and leverages built-in MAS 500 functionality that allows for System Alerts and the ability to attach documents to ServiceXtreme screens.



SM-Plus Sage 500

RSS Route for Sage 500 ERP

RSS Route is a distributer-centric solution from Route Sell Solutions. It’s a comprehensive application that helps distributers pick, load and deliver products directly to customers from company vehicles. RSS Route is designed exclusively for Sage 500 ERP, and can be used to provide route scheduling and delivery information to drivers on a mobile tablet. The application also provides invoice modification at the point of delivery, collections tracking, signature capture, and a driver check in routine for merging inventory returns and cash receipts in the host system. Shipment, invoice, customer, and product information are made available at the point of delivery via a durable tablet PC. RSS Route minimizes errors, monitors trends that effect the efficiency of the delivery process, decreases invoice turnaround time, improves customer service levels, improves the speed and accuracy of the check-in process, and eliminates duplicated efforts in the reconciliation process.



RSS Route for Sage 500

KnowledgeSync Data Alerts by VineyardSoft

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for KnowledgeSync Data Alerts by Vineyardsoft for use with Sage 500 ERP. Sage KnowledgeSync is the Endorsed solution for alerts and workflow for use with Sage 500 ERP which monitors and responds to any critical business conditions such as, receivables, payable, stock, and PO’s.  When needed, Data Alerts will send alerts, generate and deliver forms, documents, and reports, and updates sage 500 ERP with details of the event. Choose from a variety of alert methods including email, fax, pagers, PDA, cell phone, pop-up, web browsers, and FTP. This monitoring solution has been implemented in over 4,0000 organizations worldwide, let sage KnowledgeSync Data Alerts optimize your systems processing and keep you updated on all of your critical business conditions today!



KnowledgeSync for Sage 500

z.Find ERP Data Search for Sage 500 ERP by Escape Velocity Systems

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for z.Find ERP Data Search by Escape Velocity Systems for use with Sage 500 ERP. With z.Find, access information in your ERP more efficiently than ever before! Find data quickly and easily; in a single search z.Find can search and find information in multiple databases, in tables from third party add-ons, or from customized tables. z.Find is easy to purchase, deploy, and manage through the z.AppStore; once installed there is no additional management needed. Stop navigating multiple applications to track down your information, let z.Find be the central search tool for all of your organizations business information,  For more information and a customer testimonial, click here



Sage 500

TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 500 ERP by HighJump

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 500 ERP by HighJump. TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution endorsed by and exclusively distributed by Sage Software. TrueCommerce makes EDI simple and affordable as it can seamlessly help reduce or eliminate the need to manually re-key information and avoid costly charge-backs. Simplify your EDI system by reducing or eliminating manual data entry errors, streamline transaction processing, and increase productivity without increasing man-power.  Let TrueCommerce and Sage 500 ERP be your solution to connecting with customers or partners; Contact a TrueCommerce EDI specialist today for more information about the benefits of integrating EDI with your Sage 500 ERP business management system.



TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 500

Direct500 Catalog Sales by Accupointe

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for Direct 500 catalog sales by Accupointe for use with Sage 500 ERP. Direct 500 integrates to extend the functionality of Sage 500 ERP with features geared toward companies with multiple selling channels.  Direct 500 assists businesses in improving call centers, e-stores, and catalog sales channels by providing a consistent solution to meet such business needs with features such as, enhanced sales order entry, multi-level source code tracking & pricing, RFM scoring, bundled pricing and much more! Let Direct 500 help you improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability with this fully integrated add on. For more information and a complete list of features, click here.



Direct500 Accupointe Sage 500

O2 Process Manufacturing for Sage 500 ERP by Escape Velocity Systems

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for O2 Process Manufacturing ERP Software by Escape Velocity Systems for use with Sage 500 ERP. O2 Process has the tools necessary to eliminate the “islands of data” many companies find exist and to make the entire enterprise visible to those who are making daily critical decisions. This can be done with the use of real-time cost data, inventory management and forecasting, lot tracking, unit of measure calculations, batch sizing, capacity resource scheduling, C of A, auditing, security, and reporting capabilitis. Let O2 Process Manufacturing for Sage 500 ERP automate your operations, give you insight into your business, and get you to the next level.



O2 Process Manufacturing for Sage 500

Starship Shipping Software by V-Technologies for Sage ERP 500

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for Starship Shipping Software by V-Technologies for use with Sage 500 ERP. Starship is an innovative add-on module that tightly integrates with Sage 500 ERP and makes the entire shipping process more fluid. Automate your shipping process with Starship by calculating freight charges, rate shop between carriers, print shipping labels and COD tags and cut parcel insurance costs with third-party parcel insurance. Starship not only processes shipments for UPS and FedEx, it can also be upgraded to process shipments from USPS, DHL, Spee-Dee Delivery, and a user-definable carrier. Help your company become a more competitive distributor with Starship for Sage ERP 500.



Starship Shipping Software Sage 500


Sales Tax Solutions for Sage 500 ERP, Epicor ERP, and Intacct by Avalara

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for AvaTax  by Avalara. AvaTax reduces audit risk with cloud-based sales tax services that make it simple to calculate rates, manage exemption certificates, file forms and remit payments. AvaTax provides seamless, transparent integration with Sage Tax, Epicor Tax Connect, and AvaTax for Intacct. AvaTax delivers end-to-end sales tax compliance by producing calculations based on current, up-to-date rules and regulations including address validation, jurisdiction assignment, sourcing rules, and product taxability. Additional benefits  include exemption certificate management and on-time filing and remittance of transactional sales tax liabilities.



Sales Tax Solutions for Sage 500

BizNet Financial Reporting for Sage 500 ERP

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for BizNet’s Financial Reporting Software, BizContent, for use with Sage 500 ERP. BizContent packs extend the value of current systems by providing pre-built reporting and analysis for real time access to business data.  BizContent packs include more than 60 pre-built drags and drop excel functions, reports, and business intelligence. Save time, save money, and deliver results.



BizNet Financial Reporting from Sage 500

eRequester PO Requisition and RFQ for Sage 500 ERP by Paperless Business Systems

e2b teknologies is a certified reseller and consulting organization for eRequester Purchase Order (PO) requisition and Request for Quote Module (RFQ) by Paperless Business Systems for use with Sage 500 ERP.  eRequester is a web-based requisition and purchasing solution which gives medium to large organizations the ability to implement standardized purchasing practices to streamline and manage its supply chain. eRequester offers a number of modules including optional RFQ and PO modules. The RFQ module converts a requisition into a paperless RFQ document that can be emailed to multiple vendors for competitive pricing. RFQ responses can be routed via the requisition process for additional approvals, or posted into a purchase order. Vendor response documents can also be attached to provide centralized review and approval.   With the PO module, completed and approved requisitions are easily converted to purchase orders. The centralized requisition process allows purchasing managers to easily view a summary of completed and authorized requests and can then proceed with purchase order creation. Additional capabilities include: View summary of approved requests, batch consolidation of similar request into PO’s, email/print/fax PO’s to vendors, post PO’s to an integrated accounting system.



eRequester PO Requisition for Sage 500