Sage Expenses, A Free Easy-to-Use App, Released

Taking care of expenses is time consuming and frustrating. Often times, businesses find themselves searching through crumpled receipts just to keep track. To complicate the process further, they are then entering these expenses into a spreadsheet, leaving room for error and consuming hours of time. Sage, a market leader for accounting, payroll and payment systems, is eliminating this frustration with Sage Expenses, a free iPhone and iPad app.
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Have You Registered Yet?

Over the last few years, Sage Software has introduced some modern, game-changing solutions into the market, do you know what they are, how they will impact your current Sage systems, and how you can leverage them in your ERP and CRM strategy? As long time members of the Sage ERP and CRM communities, we have made it our job to stay on top of our ever-changing industry and we want to share what we know with companies in our region. Continue reading

Extend Sage ERP with Cloud Business Applications : Evaluating Your Options

Businesses of today are under increasing pressure to do more with less, buy more with less, optimize processes, and quickly attain success. To do that, your ERP system needs to be up to the challenge. The truth is, no publisher out there has an ERP system that will give every company exactly what they need right from the get-go, and Sage is no different. Luckily there are developers out there who can help you extend Sage ERP to give you the edge you’re looking for. With such a large and engaged community, Sage Users have many options when it comes to selecting an ERP partner and solutions to extend Sage ERP; but with so many choices, how do you choose the right ERP partner? and what type of solutions are available to you? Below are a few suggestions to help you make confident decisions on both fronts. Continue reading

Sage 500 ERP User Guide |Sage MAS 500 User Guide

Sage 500 ERP user guide

Whether you’re a long-time user of Sage 500 ERP or a newly minted one; an IT director or a CFO; making the most out of your ERP system is crucial to successful operations and investment ROI.  Most companies and users, no matter how experienced with Sage 500, are not using the system fully and are missing out on strategic functionality that could help them take their business to the next level. That is exactly why we developed this Sage 500 ERP User Guide; to help you fully understand Sage 500 ERP, how to make it better, and which additional modules, third party products, and services are available to extend your system even further.

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What is Sage Mobile Sales? Benefits and Features Overview

Customers want to buy from sales people who have answers. When your sales team is in the field, are they equipped with all of the information they need to answer any questions a customer or prospect has? Do they have the information they need to pinpoint a customers needs?  Can they see stock levels and lead times? Current promotions? If your sales team has to stop and shuffle through paperwork or call the office in order to answer a question, they are wasting their time and the customer’s time; not a great way to leave a positive impressions. Sage Mobile Sales solves this problem with powerful mobile tools and access to real-time information your sales reps need to close sales. Continue reading

Sage 500 ERP System Manager

Sophisticated tools are included in Sage 500 ERP System Manager that ensure data integrity, streamline processing, and deliver enhanced security management. With System Manager, you can configure system and workstation settings, user security, and more. The module’s data dictionary provides utilities for viewing and maintaining database files and enables you to modify and create your own custom databases and indices. Flexible period-end and year-end closing routines allow you to process, archive, and purge transactions on a schedule tailored to fit they way you operate your business. Features of the System Manager include: Continue reading

Enterprise Data Management with Sage 500 ERP

Assisted Company Setup

Assisted Company Setup is designed to walk you through the steps needed to setup a company in Sage 500 ERP. It is used to provide maintenance setup tasks and ensures the correct sequence based upon data dependencies.  It provides you several tools to help you bring your data in. This tool is relatively unknown to many Sage 500 ERP users, but has a lot of value for implementations. It has a lot of tools specifically designed to help companies migrating from Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200) to Sage 500 ERP. Assisted Company Setup is extremely helpful when converting large files. Continue reading

Selecting The Right ERP for Process Manufacturing

Shopping for ERP software is a tough; especially for a process manufacturing company has complex operational requirements and strict regulations.  If you’ve ever gone to a search engine and searched the phrase, “process manufacturing ERP” you know there are literally thousands of results and too many software options to count. With all of those options and all of that information floating around, it’s important to tackle your search for ERP for processing manufacturing with a plan. One of the most important things you can do during ERP selection is asking questions during your research. Here are a few critical questions and important considerations to help you get started in your search for the best-fit solution. Continue reading

e2b teknologies Hires New Consultant to Support Growing Sage ERP X3 Practice

Sage ERP X3Chardon, Ohio, May 19,2014- Today, e2b teknologies, a Sage Gold Development providers of ERP, CRM, and other business software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and service organizations, announced Kathy Muczynski has joined the e2b teknologies team as a consultant to support the company’s growing Sage ERP X3 practice. Continue reading

What’s New in Sage ERP X3 Version 7?

It was a big week for Sage Software as they hosted The Sage ERP X3 Global Convention from the 12th-15th in Lisbon, Portugal. While there were many exciting events going, for many, the highlight of the week was easily the unveiling of Sage ERP X3 version 7, the next generation of the company’s global ERP solution.  The new version was built with a focus on improving data accessibility, data quality, business intelligence, mobility, and usability; factors that have been proven to significantly enhance a mid-market company’s ability to grow in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Continue reading

Study Shows Significant Need for Specialized ERP for Process Manufacturers

ERP has never been a one-size fits all solution and as the manufacturing industry evolves, that fact has never been more important than it is today. A recent industry study shows that many manufacturers, especially mid-market process manufacturers, are experiencing significant struggles because their ERP systems do not support the specialized processes the manufacturers of today require to optimize their processes, increase their profits, better serve their customers, or drive growth. It is becoming more important than ever for these companies to invest in modern ERP systems that offer the features and functions they need for success both now and in the future.

According to the study, mid-market manufacturing companies are experiencing significant functional gaps in their operations due to a lack of support from their ERP systems. Below are some of the major takeaways from the study which illustrates the very real and immediate need for specialized ERP systems for manufacturing organizations today. Continue reading

Sage 500 Customization Tools

Sage 500 ERP allows you to customize its entire system to match your specific needs. The customization tools also provide a foundation for integrating Sage 500 ERP with other applications, and for developing Microsoft-based business applications for the SQL Server environment that are compatible with Sage 500 ERP. With Source Code, you can tailor the entire Sage 500 system. Continue reading

The Right ERP System Will Fuel the Change Required for Growth in Mid-Sized Companies

As a midsized company you may feel as though you’ve reached a plateau. You’ve made a name for yourself, gotten beyond the start-up phase, and now you’re ready for the next milestone. Maybe you want to get bigger or just become more competitive in your market; no matter what the case, you’re going to need something to help put that change into motion. To make change happen, you need to stop doing what you’ve always done and stop working the way you’ve always worked- The right ERP software can give you everything you need to do that.

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Sage 500 ERP for Automotive Manufacturing

An Automotive Supply Chain solution is available from e2b teknologies for distributors and manufacturers of parts to tier one automotive manufacturers. Automotive manufacturers are similar to other manufacturers but must comply with electronic trading requirements specified by their large automotive and heavy truck customers. These EDI mandates have forced many companies to implement or stay on antiquated ERP applications that support their customer requirements but offer very little competitive advantage in other areas of the application. Continue reading

e2b teknologies Expands Product Line with Sage 100 ERP

Chardon, OH, April 23, 2014- e2b teknologies, a premier Sage reseller and Gold Development Partner, announced today the addition of Sage 100 ERP to the company’s ERP and CRM software portfolio. The addition of Sage 100 ERP allows e2b to offer a comprehensive solution for small to mid-size businesses requiring strong financial, distribution, and service-oriented capabilities beyond basic accounting systems such as QuickBooks or Sage 50 US.

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