Tips from a Sage ERP X3 Consultant: 3 Steps to Mastering the Financial Data Extraction Tool

Aberdeen Group recently reported that 46% of SMBs report a severe lack of data accessibility, keeping them from making better, faster decisions about their most critical operations. Data has become an increasingly hot topic in the business software world and not for the lack of a good reason- data, especially financial data, is crucial for businesses operating in today’s highly competitive world where every second and every penny counts. Every company has important data hiding somewhere in their business systems; for most companies though, as the research above points out, getting to it is the hard part.  Sage X3 comes equipped with all of the financial reporting tools you need to quickly and easily access, control, and analyze your data. In this blog you will learn the three steps to successfully setting up the Financial Data Extraction (FDE) functionality from an experienced Sage ERP X3 Consultant.

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Tips from a Sage ERP X3 Consultant – Setting Up Workflow Notifications in Sage ERP X3

Saving time and speeding up processes is one of the biggest benefits of utilizing an ERP system. Sage ERP X3 offers many time-saving features, such as workflow notifications. What is a Sage ERP X3 workflow notification? In short, a workflow notifications provide emails to be generated based on triggers within the X3 system so related employees are aware of the event and action can be taken quickly.  An example of a workflow notification is to have an email generated and sent to the Accounting Manager when a user changes the credit limit on a customer. Below are a few helpful tips from a Sage ERP X3 consultant to help explain what this example would look like and how it would work.

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Tips From Sage ERP X3 Consultants –Standard Costing in Sage X3

Sage ERP X3 ConsultantStandard costing is an important accounting function; take for example inventory costing where you may assign the expected or standard cost of materials instead of the actual cost for planning purposes. If you do this your COGS will reflect the standard or expected costs, not the actual cost. Further, you still need to pay these actual costs so you must have the ability to identify and adjust for the variance between the actual and standard costs. Sage ERP X3 offers various options for costing inventory; one method used is standard costing in Sage X3. Below are a few tips from our Sage ERP X3 consultants to help you utilize this feature in your system.

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Sage ERP X3 Dashboards – The Basics

Sage ERP X3 dashboardsOne of the biggest benefits of an ERP system is the ability to use data to improve your business processes and reduce costs, but data can only be helpful when it is accurate, easily accessible, intuitive, and in the hands of users who are able to make the necessary changes- which is why dashboards are so helpful. Sage ERP X3 dashboards provide users with up-to-the-minute graphical representations of this information to help users quickly turn insight into action. Every business and every role is different, so Sage ERP X3 takes it one step further to allows users to design and build their own dashboards based on the information they need. Below we cover some of basic, yet essential things every user should know about setting up and using Sage ERP X3 dashboards.
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Sage ERP X3 Navigation: Quick Select and Advanced Selection

Sage ERP X3 Navigation Tip

In our last blog, How To Modify your Left List Columns, we covered how to add or change the columns that show up in the Left List.  But, what if you want to further filter the Left List and then save the filter for future use? That is where Quick Select and Advanced Selections can be useful. Below we walk through how to use Quick Select and Advanced Selection functions in Sage ERP X3. Continue reading

e2b teknologies Hires New Consultant to Support Growing Sage ERP X3 Practice

Sage ERP X3Chardon, Ohio, May 19,2014- Today, e2b teknologies, a Sage Gold Development providers of ERP, CRM, and other business software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and service organizations, announced Kathy Muczynski has joined the e2b teknologies team as a consultant to support the company’s growing Sage ERP X3 practice. Continue reading

Sage ERP X3 Consulting Services in Columbus and Southern Ohio

Sage 100 ERP Consulting Services in Columbuse2b teknologies provides Sage ERP X3 consulting services in Columbus and Southern Ohio areas including nearby suburbs and cities such as Cincinnati, Dayton, Mansfield, Lima, Marietta, Springfield, Zanesville, Grove City, Delaware, Mt. Vernon, Lancaster, Circleville, Marysville, Dublin, Middletown, Hamilton, Chillicothe, Portsmouth, and others. Whether you’re considering implementing Sage ERP X3 or have been using it for years it’s a strong solution that brings many benefits, but technology isn’t everything- the partner you choose is just as important. Choose a Sage ERP X3 consultant you can trust and who is experienced enough to help you attain your goals.
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