How to Increase Sales with The Sage ERP X3 Mobile Sales App

Sage ERP X3 Mobile SalesHow many of your sales representatives are frequently on the road or work remotely? In many companies 60-90% of the sales force is scattered out in different geographies to serve the needs of customers in different locations. While a mobile sales team is great to ensure coverage across large areas, it’s not always great when your employees are unable to access up to date product information or check on the status of a customer order in Sage ERP X3 while on the road. While this may be the way it’s always been, mobile technology like the Sage Mobile Sales App is making it possible for your sales force to access such information no matter where they are.
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Increase Sales in Wholesale Distribution with Sage 100 ERP & Sage Mobile Sales

Sage 100 ERP For over 25 years, St. Joseph Paper and Packaging has been a distributor of paper products, bubble wrap, and pallet strapping supplies to companies in and around South Bend, Indiana.  The company purchased Sage 100 ERP back when it was known as Sage MAS 100 for its strong inventory management and warehouse functionalit; but upgrades to the software, cloud computing, and modern sales tools allowed St. Joseph Paper and Packaging to take their ERP system and their business to the next level. Learn how Sage 100 ERP Mobile Sales helped this company increase sales by 16% while continuing their legacy of quality products, exemplary service, and dependability in an industry where timing and accuracy is everything.
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What is Sage Mobile Sales? Benefits and Features Overview

Customers want to buy from sales people who have answers. When your sales team is in the field, are they equipped with all of the information they need to answer any questions a customer or prospect has? Do they have the information they need to pinpoint a customers needs?  Can they see stock levels and lead times? Current promotions? If your sales team has to stop and shuffle through paperwork or call the office in order to answer a question, they are wasting their time and the customer’s time; not a great way to leave a positive impressions. Sage Mobile Sales solves this problem with powerful mobile tools and access to real-time information your sales reps need to close sales. Continue reading