SugarCRM: Dashboards and Activity Streams in Sugar 7

In version 7 of SugarCRM, there have been a number of significant changes to the dashboard and activity streams. Both dashboards and activity steams are now available on all levels of the system including the home-page, module level, and record level. New dashlet tools also exist at each level, some of which will show data differently depending on the level you are viewing it in. Read on for more information on how you can take full advantage of the newest version of SugarCRM . Continue reading

SugarCRM :Scheduling and Managing Calls, Meetings, and Calendars in Sugar 7

Sales, Marketing, and Support employees are constantly in meetings and on conference calls, but many CRM solutions make it tough to manage all of those activities efficiently due to slow, clunky, hard to use systems. SugarCRM is highly focused on making scheduling easy so these employees can focus their time and energy not on the act of scheduling those events and keeping them straight, but on making those meetings and phone calls more effective. Continue reading

Sugar 7: Available to new customers this summer, but what about everyone else?

At SugarCon 2013 in NYC, Sugar made the announcement that they would begin rolling sugar 7out Sugar 7 in summer of 2013. June 21st is the official first day of summer, so when can you get your hands on Sugar 7?

First, let’s recap all of the new capabilities & other improvements that come with Sugar 7

  • The Intelligence Panel- this new feature gives users business, online, and social customer information—all in one place!
  • Sugar 7 is powered by HTML 5  and performs quickly on tablets, mobile, and desktop devices.

Continue reading