SugarCRM :Scheduling and Managing Calls, Meetings, and Calendars in Sugar 7

Sales, Marketing, and Support employees are constantly in meetings and on conference calls, but many CRM solutions make it tough to manage all of those activities efficiently due to slow, clunky, hard to use systems. SugarCRM is highly focused on making scheduling easy so these employees can focus their time and energy not on the act of scheduling those events and keeping them straight, but on making those meetings and phone calls more effective. Continue reading

Out Peform the Competition with Powerul SugarCRM Customizations

SugarCRM customizationEvery company is different, every industry is different, every niche is different, and every customer is different.  With all of those differences comes a separate and specific list of problems and requirements, not to mention your long functionality wish list. Out-of-the-box CRM cannot be all of those things for all of those different people! SugarCRM customization allows you the freedom to take a step back, evaluate, and fulfill the needs and specific workflows associated with your Company, not the industry standard. Custom CRM allows you to provide your customers with a level of service your competition can’t beat and give your team the tools they need to do their jobs better than ever. Continue reading

All I want for Christmas Is Cloud CRM: Report Forecasts Growth for Cloud CRM

As are only days away from Thanksgiving it becomes easier to think about Christmas (although it is not time to break out the chrismas music and lights yet!), and CRM buyers have spoken up about what is on their list according to a report from Software Advice. This report also backs up Gartner’s report stating that Cloud Computing and Modern CRM System Investments will Drive Growth of IT Budgets in 2013 & 2014.

As the report illustrates, some companies are still up in the air about which deployment method they will choose, but of those who have made a choice, a majority of them have decided Cloud CRM is right for them. Which makes it easy to estimate that the rest will soon follow. Continue reading

Sugar CRM Mobile App Demo | How to use the Sugar CRM Mobile App

sugar crm mobile app demoWatch our Sugar CRM Mobile app demo to see how you can keep in touch with your customers from any location. The mobile app allows you to view upcoming events, streamline common activities, access all of your contact information, make calls, and log your activity quickly, easily, and from anywhere.  Our Sugar CRM mobile app demo walks you through those steps so you can get setup  and on the road with Sugar CRM quickly and easily. The sugar mobile app supports iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Watch the demo to see how you can stay productive no matter where life takes you. Continue reading

Choosing the right SugarCRM Partner

sugarcrm partnerIn a recent white paper we went over 11 guidelines for CRM success from implementation to adaptation and usage. But before you can get to all of that you need to choose the right SugarCRM Partner. Choosing the wrong partner can be devastating to your project, cost you a ton of time and money, kill your strategy, and cause you to lose confidence in the system itself. Choosing a partner is more than just making sure implementation goes as planned, it is about finding a solid relationship that you can lean on for future updates, trainings, support, and everything else. So how do you choose?

Continue reading

CRM comparison: ACT! vs. Sugar CRM

ACT! vs. Sugar CRM. On the surface this seems like a tough decision, but once you have the facts we think you will find it to be easier than you initially thought it would be. This webinar, “ACT! vs. Sugar CRM — Sugar Features That ACT Users will Love” compares the two solutions and gets into the details to help you make the right choice for your company. Watch a recording of our webinar as we explain a few of the Sugar features ACT! Users will fall head over heels for. Continue reading

Troubleshooting: SugarCRM Won’t Send Email

sugarcrm wont send emailsSugarCRM is an open-source customer relationship management system that can be utilized to send mass email campaigns or individual emails and notifications. Sometimes Sugar’s outgoing email server is not configured correctly, and that is why SugarCRM won’t send email. Other reasons include that your email server is restricted by a predefined range of IP addresses, you’re using a restricted address in the “From Address” field of the email, you’re sending too many emails that exceed the limits of your server, or you’ve neglecting to integrate your external email client altogether.

One of the most common reasons as to why SugarCRM won’t send email is that you need the email client configured.  Continue reading

The Benefits of CRM for Manufacturing Companies

As a manufacturing company you are under pressure to retain customers, gain new ones, and serve them all at the lowest possible price. That is a lot of pressure by itself; coupled with the amount of competitors out there trying to do the same exact thing is enough to stress out even the best business operators. CRM for manufacturing can be the answer; it will ramp up productivity while supporting your sales and customer service teams without complicating the matters. Continue reading

SugarCRM Forums Provide a Hub for Information

SugarCRM ForumsA really helpful tool for SugarCRM is their community forums. SugarCRM’s forums are a great place for users to meet up and discuss ideas and provide help on a variety of topics and issues. The SugarCRM forums feature installation and upgrade help, an advanced search, general announcements, cases, frequently asked questions, and more. Check out the SugarCRM forum here:

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Electronic Signatures in SugarCRM: EchoSign for SugarCRM

Adobe EchoSign is the only eSignature solution with complete SugarCRM integration. EchoSign Electronic Signatures in SugarCRM allows you to fully automate your web contracting services for eSignatures and fax signatures in SugarCRM. This short webinar highlights the key features and benefits of using EchoSign for SugarCRM. Continue reading

Sugar CRM announces 15 quarters of growth & other Sugar CRM updates

Sugar CRMRecently, SugarCRM, publishers of market leading CRM solution simply named, Sugar, announced that the company has had 15 consecutive quarters of growth and increased annual recurring revenue by over 30 percent year over year. Sugar CRM’s success comes from a large jump in global customers in the midsized and larger market and is driven by the fact that the company knows what users want. Sugar CRM integrates social, mobile, and big data into the product with even more features coming in the soon to be released Sugar 7. In Q2 of 2013 alone, Sugar added 600 new customers, obviously Sugar CRM is shaking up the market and driving broader, deeper adoption of such systems in many industries around the world. And this company has only been around since 2004! So what are they doing that is driving this success? Continue reading

Sugar CRM App of the Month: August 2013

Every month SugarOutfitters chooses a Sugar CRM app of the month; this month
the winner is TOM. The Sale Closer. Sugar Outfitters recently interviewed the creators of TOM who explained, “TOM is a unique iPad app that uses advanced Constraint Management methods to help you to close your sales opportunities from Sugar CRM in the most effective way.”  This app is a personal sales assistant on your iPad that can be used by each member of your sales team to tell them what needs to be done and when in order to win their next sale. TOM uses advanced constrain management methods to help sales representatives effectively close opportunities from Sugar CRM Continue reading

CRM System Comparison: Sugar vs. Salesforce (Part IV) The final answer to ‘sugar crm or salesforce?’

We have covered A LOT of information in the previouse articles in this series comparing sugar and salesforce. Past topics include: user experience, mobile, social, intelligence capabilities, flexibility, data ownership, and more. This is the final article in the series, so let’s compare the cost  of sugar vs salesforce and give you our answer to the question ” should I choose sugar crm or salesforce? ” Continue reading

CRM system comparison : Sugar CRM vs. SalesForce (part I)

A recent article in stated,  “Sugar presents an appearance CRM system comparisonthat has all the tools that define modern CRM offerings and more,” the article went on to say that Sugar, “is more flexible in some significant ways than, and certainly less expensive.”  After ready this article we were inspired to jump into our own investigation and dug in to do CRM system comparison of our own

This four part blog series will expand upon what we found and help you decide which CRM is better for you, Sugar or … Continue reading