SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android

SugarCRM AppSugar Mobile: The SugarCRM App for iPhone and Android Phones

CRM solutions are ideal for the sales rep. They automate sales processes and allow reps to log their notes and pull up account records. That’s why, if your sales reps are mobile, your CRM solution needs to be mobile too. The SugarCRM app for iPhone and Android phones, Sugar Mobile, is the perfect answer to an actively mobile sales force. Continue reading

Sugar CRM Mobile App Demo | How to use the Sugar CRM Mobile App

sugar crm mobile app demoWatch our Sugar CRM Mobile app demo to see how you can keep in touch with your customers from any location. The mobile app allows you to view upcoming events, streamline common activities, access all of your contact information, make calls, and log your activity quickly, easily, and from anywhere.  Our Sugar CRM mobile app demo walks you through those steps so you can get setup  and on the road with Sugar CRM quickly and easily. The sugar mobile app supports iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Watch the demo to see how you can stay productive no matter where life takes you. Continue reading

The Secret to Archiving Emails to Sugar CRM from Your Mobile Device

archive emails to sugarcrm from mobile deviceMany SugarCRM users have tried to archive their emails from their mobile sugar app into their sugar instance but have found this to be impossible…that’s because it is. Unfortunately, users cannot archive emails to Sugar from the mobile app. fortunately, we have found a way to work around that until Sugar gives mobile users the capability to do it from the mobile app directly.

So what is the secret workaround? Continue reading