How to Track ‘Lead Source’ with SugarCRM Lead Forms

Creating a Hidden ‘Lead Source’ in SugarCRM Web-To-Lead Forms & Building a Report off of Lead Source

lead source with SugarCRM lead formSugarCRM has several powerful inbound marketing capabilities, but it’s a matter of knowing how to use them. One such capability is the ability to track a ‘lead source’ in the SugarCRM web-to-lead form. The idea is that when you link to a landing page, you have a hidden ‘lead source’ field embedded in your form to track where the lead came from. You can then build a report off of this field to see which sources are generating the most leads. This article will cover adding a hidden ‘lead source’ field to a SugarCRM web-to-lead form, and then reporting off of this field. Continue reading