4 Manufacturing Business Intelligence Irreplaceable Functions

Business Intelligence software is becoming ever popular among business owners. Between powerful data warehousing and financial and budgeting features, it can give rich insight that wasn’t previously so attainable. However, a lot of manufacturers haven’t caught on yet to the new found love for business intelligence. Majority of this issue stems around a lack of information surrounding what business intelligence can do and how it will help manufacturers, specifically. We’re going to dive into manufacturing business intelligence and cover the must-have knowledge to decide if it’s right for your business.
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Freight Management Software Can Save You Thousands

e2b teknologies recently hosted a webinar featuring Lance Healy President of BanyanTechnology- Freight management software.  The presentation entitled, “Capitalizing on Collaboration: Reduce Freight Costs by Leveraging Technology” can be viewed on demand here.

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Sales Software: CRM for Sales Management

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Find out the how and the why behind sales teams who use sugar CRM in their daily activities.  Find out how sugar can help you gain greater visibility into your sales performance while boosting productivity.
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Webinar: 13 reasons to choose SugarCrm over Salesforce.com

sugarCRM vs salesforce.comWatch The Recording Here

Businesses of all sizes and types are realizing the limitations of email, spreadsheets and single-user contact management tools for keeping track of their relationships with their customers. And as businesses research the options, they frequently come down to two finalists – SugarCRM and Salesforce.com

Join us for this webinar & explore the differences so that you can make the best decision for your business.


SugarCRM over Salesforce

Webinar: Inbox 25 Email Marketing Automation Embedded in Your CRM System!?

inbox25 and sugarcrm

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inBOX25 is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows you to plan, target, create, and deliver email campaigns quickly and easily. inBox25 integrates with SugarCRM to make all of your email marketing efforts flow together. Installing the inBox25 module into your SugarCRM system gives you full email, social,  drip marketing and more all in one place! Continue reading

Webinar:Tracking Component Inventory Lot/Serial Raw Materials to Lot/Serial Tracked Finished Good in Sage 500 ERP

Watch The Recording HereSage 500 ERP Anytime 500

Tracking raw material lots or serial numbers to finished goods  is a huge advantage to companies in many different industries, especially in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics where companies will often issue multiple lot/serial track items to production where they produce multiple quantities of lot of serial tracked finished goods. Yeah, that’s a mouthful…the question is, if something goes wrong with a raw material, will you be able to recall the finished good lot?

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Webinar: SugarCRM for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

sugarCRM for PRMe2b teknologies has leveraged the native flexibility of SugarCRM to create a PRM system with minimal customization. Our SugarCRM system can now be used to manage our channel partners, joint sales opportunities, communications, and recruitment. Our goal is to build out addition PRM functionality and help other companies like ours gain an affordable alternative to expensive PRM solutions through SugarCRM. Watch this recorded webinar from January 2, 2013 to learn: Continue reading

Automotive ERP: Why Epicor ERP is the Clear Choice for Automotive Supply Chains

epicor erp automotiveThe pool of automotive suppliers continues to shrink, only those with the most flexible IT infrastructure can adapt to the increasing demands of automotive customers. Epicor ERP for automotive is the answer. Access the 30 minute recorded webinar from January 2, 2013  and learn how Epicor ERP can help you: Continue reading