New White Papers Highlight Distribution ERP Software Best Practices

distribution ERP software(Chardon, Ohio) August 19, 2015- Today e2b teknologies, a provider of ERP consulting and development services in Northeast Ohio, announced the availability of two new educational resources focused on best practices in the use of wholesale distribution ERP software systems.
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Creating a More Cost Effective Supply Chain with Wholesale Distribution ERP

Wholesale Distribution ERPIn recent decades many manufacturers have taken production facilities abroad in order to lower costs and remain competitive. But the tide seems to be changing and over the last few years, manufacturers have been slowly moving operations back state-side. According to, since 2012 many manufacturers are moving back to the United States to create cost savings along their supply chain.
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5 Reasons to Implement Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Does your company have any of the following problems?Wholesale Distribution ERP software

  • Need to manage growth expectations
  • Delays in decision-making from lack of timely information
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Use capability issues across multiple operating locations
  • Operating issues with customers / suppliers (easier processes)

Are you out growing your current ERP system? Do you have wholesale distribution ERP software in place, but still find yourself doing a lot of manual work? You’re not alone.

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Wholesale Distribution ERP Evaluation & Selection: What to Look For

Wholesale Distribution ERPThe realities of an incorrectly selected enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be quite tough for an organization evaluating wholesale distribution ERP software, or any ERP software for that matter. Incorrect selection can leads to costly overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs and operations, customer and employee dissatisfaction, and a lack of return on investment. For an organization in the wholesale distribution industry it is important to remember that virtually every ERP system will have some level of distribution functionality within it, but few have robust enough features to improve operations in complex distribution channels.
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Changes in Wholesale Distribution Software Usage in 2015

Wholesale Distribution SoftwareThe challenges faced by distributors in today’s world are, in most ways, the same as they have always been; demanding customers and vendors require more service and support; inventory management is still an area of focus to reduce overhead while ensuring on-time order fulfillment; globalization continues to expand and increase the number of competitors, etc. While the challenges may remain the same, the investment in modern wholesale distribution software is changing, according to recent research from Aberdeen Group.
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How SMBs Can Use Wholesale Distribution ERP to Perform Like a Best-In-Class Distributor

Running a wholesale distribution business requires getting the right products, to the right people, at the right time. To do this, best-in-class companies run their business with cutting edge wholesale distribution ERP systems that address all areas of their business in one application. These ERP systems were at one time expensive tools that required significant resources, both financial and human, to maintain. Luckily technology has evolved in the recent years so you don’t need to be a large corporation with a large budget to perform like a best-in-class distributor. With the many flexible deployment and pricing structures of ERP systems today, making an investment in the tools you need to succeed is within reach for most companies, regardless of their size.

Here are a few of the ways small and medium sized distributors can perform like a best-in-class organization with help from a modern ERP system.

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