Out Peform the Competition with Powerul SugarCRM Customizations

SugarCRM customizationEvery company is different, every industry is different, every niche is different, and every customer is different.  With all of those differences comes a separate and specific list of problems and requirements, not to mention your long functionality wish list. Out-of-the-box CRM cannot be all of those things for all of those different people! SugarCRM customization allows you the freedom to take a step back, evaluate, and fulfill the needs and specific workflows associated with your Company, not the industry standard. Custom CRM allows you to provide your customers with a level of service your competition can’t beat and give your team the tools they need to do their jobs better than ever.

Customizing SugarCRM is fast and easy…you don’t have to be a computer programmer or software developer to create powerful and custom business processes. Administrators no longer need to make code-level customizations but instead can use simple commands to make complex, upgrade-safe customizations in Sugar. What will SugarCRM customization allow you to do?

  • Define teams
  • Control access rights to modules and fields
  • Change the homepage layout or modify existing screens with the layout editor
  • Create new dash-lets from third-party data sources.
  • Create and enforce business rules.
  • Easily build new modules
  • Create custom fields in existing modules

SugarCRM customization also allows your team to collaborate and work together while providing information and updates that are important to your business such as:

  • Notify users of recent activities performed, including changes to customer data
  • Allow users to post messages
  • Share documents and rich content
  • View related social media content.
  • And much more!

have questions or need help with your SugarCRM customization? contact us! We not only represent Sugar, we use the product in our day-to-day business which has allowed us to gain deep insight into the life of a Sugar user and understand how the right customization can truly change the way you work.

SugarCRM customization

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