The Features & Benefits of Sage ERP X3 for Discrete Manufacturers

Sage ERP X3 for Discrete ManufacturingIs it time for you to consider a change in the way you manage your manufacturing and business operations? Whether you’re considering replacing an older system, moving up from a smaller one, or implementing your first enterprise resource planning solution, Sage ERP X3 should be on the short list for any discrete manufacturer looking for discrete manufacturing ERP that can help you overcome your current challenges and reach your goals for the future.

Sage ERP X3 for Discrete Manufacturing

Sage ERP X3 was designed to suit a number of different discrete manufacturing processes and verticals, the system is especially known as a stellar solution for Capital Equipment Manufactuing, Industrial Fabrication, Rubber & Plastics, Medical device manufacturing, high tech and electronics manufacturing, and others.

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Manufacturing is a tough environment to operate in, but Sage ERP X3 can address some of the largest pain points and challenges for discrete manufacturers such as managing fluctuations in raw material costs, complex supply chains, bottlenecks, inventory management, and more. With an integrated discrete manufacturing ERP solution like Sage ERP X3, you’ll have access to tools that span and optimize the entire organization including order entry, production scheduling, BOM, shop floor control, financial management, customer service, and more.

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Learn about the many features found in Sage ERP X3 that speak directly to the needs of a discrete manufacturer in the demo below and contact us to learn more.

According to IDG Research Services, a solution like Sage ERP X3 carries with it many benefits for mid-sized businesses, such as a 35% more incremental revenue year-over-year than a low performing company. That can amount to $10 million in additional annual revenue for the average mid-market business after just 7 years! The study also found that organizations stand to improve:

  • User productivity by 73%
  • Customer response by 75%
  • Process cycle times by 75%

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