The Right ERP System Will Fuel the Change Required for Growth in Mid-Sized Companies

As a midsized company you may feel as though you’ve reached a plateau. You’ve made a name for yourself, gotten beyond the start-up phase, and now you’re ready for the next milestone. Maybe you want to get bigger or just become more competitive in your market; no matter what the case, you’re going to need something to help put that change into motion. To make change happen, you need to stop doing what you’ve always done and stop working the way you’ve always worked- The right ERP software can give you everything you need to do that.

With an ERP system designed for midsized companies looking to fuel growth, your employees will be able to:

  • Get more work done, faster.
  • Get the insight they need when and where they need it.
  • Utilize mobile devices to work wherever your business takes them.
  • Tightly control processes across the organization.
  • Provide customers with outstanding service.
  • Improve the bottom line and bring in the cash you need for growth and investment.
  • Take the organization into new markets and geographies with multiple locations.
  • And much more.

A large majority of mid-sized companies have complex business and operational requirements, but limited budgets and few IT resources.  As a web-enabled application, Sage ERP X3 offers users the same depth and breadth of deployment options and functionality as larger systems, but without the complexity and expense traditionally associated with high end ERP implementations.

Sage ERP X3 spurs midsize companies’ growth and profitability with fast, simple, flexible ERP software. Drive efficiency across financial and operational processes and give all employees the insight they need, when they need it. Accessible online and on mobile devices, Sage ERP X3 turns your business into a more responsive organization, locally and globally. Powerful, yet easy to implement and to learn, it is the solution of choice for midsized companies looking to scale a profitable business.


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